Multi-Car Accidents in Long Island

If you have been hurt in a multiple vehicle car crash, you have the right to try to hold any responsible party accountable. The Long Island car accident attorneys with our firm have many years of experience dealing with the complexity of motor vehicle accidents that involve multiple vehicles, drivers, and multiple insurance companies.

Multi-car accidents are often referred to on the news as “pile-ups”. With people traveling at speeds of over 60 miles per hour, it only takes one small error on the part of a driver to cause a chain reaction that ultimately leads to a “pile-up”. Whether it is a multi-car pileup on the Long Island Expressway or a smash up on the Northern State Parkway, we will investigate and determine who is responsible for your injuries.A jury may decide who was at fault and to what degree – or percentage – they were at fault. It is common that although the police may report vehicle “A” is at fault, insurance companies may place all, or a portion of blame on vehicle “B” and “C”. En Español.

Determining Negligence

Determining negligence in a multi-car accident is a very complicated and complex process. Factors such as speed, road conditions and the distance between cars are only a few of the factors that a jury may use to decide who was negligent and to what extent they were negligent. It is, therefore, possible that you could be responsible for a small percentage of the fault, but still be compensated for the injuries you suffered.

Other Factors Involved

It is also possible that road conditions may have played a role, or that a commercial vehicle was responsible for the crash. It is possible to sue these 3rd parties, such as state or town highway maintenance, or a business corporation. At Goldstein and Bashner we may use accident reconstruction experts to help determine exactly what happened and how it happened.  The legal process can become incredibly difficult to navigate, but we are confident to get you through it.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries as a result of a multi-car accident, you need someone on your side that can navigate the complex legal process and make sure that the responsible parties, or parties, compensate you for the damages.

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