Tips for Driving Safely Through Fog in Long Island

People most often face foggy condition while driving through the mountains or early in the morning. The resulting lack of visibility may be intimidating for some driver, but by following a few simple steps, the mystery can be taken out of the fog. The following is a list of tips for driving safely through fog. Contact a professional car accident lawyer for more safety information.

While two of these tips for driving safely through fog is simple, one is somewhat unusual. However, by simply following these steps, a person can safely navigate through the foggiest of conditions and arrive safely at their destination.

  • Take it slow: The most important step is perhaps the simplest of all. We all have things to do and places to be, but even light fog can significantly reduce the distance that a driver can see in front of them. A helpful example is to think of fog just like any other hazardous weather condition. Sacrifice speed for safety. Even reducing speed ten of five miles per hour will significantly increase a driver’s reaction time.
  • Turn on your headlights, but keep them “low”: Fog has an interesting characteristic. Because it is mainly water, it tends to bend and reflect light. As a result, strong light beams, such as those from high-beam headlights, are scattered and intensified. This can create blinding optical illusions for people driving towards you. People should still keep their normal headlights on. This bit of added visibility will allow other drivers to properly orient themselves on the road and let them know where you are. The unusual tip for driving through fog here is, “the less light the better, while still being able to see.”
  • Remember drivers’ school: It is easy to become distracted while driving. Important phone calls, conversations with friends, or even your favorite song on the radio all distract us from what is on the road. When driving in any hazardous condition, including fog, remember what you learned in driving school. By doing simple things like keeping two hands on the wheel, always watching the road, and turning off the radio, we can decrease our chances of an accident.

Even new drivers can successfully navigate a road in the foggiest of conditions. By remembering to drive slowly, with headlights in the “low” setting, and by keeping your concentration on the road, everyone can enjoy a safe and successful drive.

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