I have devoted almost 30 years helping victims of personal injuries navigate a challenging maze called the legal system. It has always been my goal that every one of my clients feels respected and attended to. No client should ever pass through our doors and feel isolated or ignored.

Neal A. Goldstein

Long Time New York City And Long Island Resident

I lived the first half of my life near the beach in Far Rockaway, a small community in Southeastern Queens.  Currently, I live in Long Beach, another beachfront community in the Southwestern part of Long Island. Obviously, I love living near the ocean. I have been very involved in the Long Island community and in 2000 was asked to join the Board of Directors of the Friedberg JCC and a few years later I was elected to the position of President of the Board.
I always tried to stay active in the communities where I lived whether it was being involved in youth groups, working in the area or just keeping in touch with old friends or making new ones.

Neal’s Story

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Who’s In The Waiting Room?: Create the Life You Want through the Power of Authentic Relationships

Accomplished Legal Background

  • Our clients have consistently given us high grades on Google, AVVO, and Facebook
  • I attended the evening division of New York Law School and graduated with a J.D. in 1990.
  • I have been a Partner at my office since 1993.
  • I have been one of the few lawyers that consistently writes about school bullying and continuously speaks to parents about the rights of kids who have been bullied.
  • I have been interviewed by local TV and radio about successful results in bullying cases.(Goldstein and Bashner successful in helping Bullying victim)
  • My office underwrites  scholarships in conjunction with the Long island Coalition Against Bullying (Goldstein and Bashner team up with Bullying organization)
  • My office has been recommended by Local 589 IBEW of the LIRR
Neal A. Goldstein
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Goldstein and Bashner
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