Tips for Driving into the Sun in Long Island

The simple fact of the matter is that sometimes people are forced to drive with the sun in their eyes. Early morning or late evening commuters know the pain of squinting into the sun. This bright light can not only damage people’s eyes but is also a major cause of car accidents. However, by following a few simple tips for driving in the sun in Long Island, drivers can limit the effect that the sun will have on their journeys. For more information on what divers can do to remain safe while driving under harmful rays, contact a skilled car accident attorney.

Protective Gear

Wearing a proper pair of sunglasses is one of the most important tips for driving in the sun in Long Island. Many sunglasses use cheap lenses that are not designed to filter light. For any real protection, a person should invest in a pair with polarized lenses. These lenses work by filtering out many types of ultraviolet light that cause glare and damage people’s eyes.

Polarized lenses work to reduce glare caused by reflected light off of other cars and can even provide drivers with a clearer image of road signs and stoplights. The lenses can be somewhat costly but they make up for it by protecting both people’s eyes.

Keeping a Safe Distance

People should also avoid tailgating other drivers during periods of intense sunlight. A decrease in visibility for everyone makes people’s reaction times much slower. When people follow too closely behind others, the chances of rear-ending them in an emergency is greatly increased. These chances are magnified even more when the drivers cannot clearly see what is in front of them. By simply keeping a safe distance behind the car in front of you, the chance of an accident is greatly diminished. By abiding by these tips for driving in the sun in Long Island, people can avoid harming themselves and others.

Considering Time of Day

Following important tips for driving in the sun in Long Island includes considering the time of day someone begins driving. Turn on your headlights, regardless of the time of day. This is a tip to help the drivers coming towards other vehicles on a narrow road. If the driver coming from the opposite direction is squinting to keep the sun out of their eyes, your car will be much easier to see if it is providing its own light source. This will assist them to not only avoid a collision but also to keep in their own lane.

Driving safely in the early morning or evening is a collaborative effort for all drivers on the road. Everyone can each do their part by investing in proper eyewear, keeping a safe distance between cars, and turning on our headlights to increase our own visibility. These simple tips for driving in the sun in Long Island work together to keep everyone safe. Speak to a lawyer for more information on driving safely on behalf of you and other drivers on the road.

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