Long Island Teen Driver Accidents

In Long Island, an individual must be 16 to drive with a learner’s permit. They have to have the permit for at least six months before they take the driver’s test. A person can get a full license at age 17, assuming that they have a certificate of driver completion. Otherwise, the person has to wait until they are 18.

Sometimes, teen drivers can get into accidents as they are learning how to operate a vehicle on the road among other drivers. If you have been involved in a Long Island teen driver accident and are seeking justified compensation, be sure to consult with an experienced car accident attorney as soon as possible.

Risk of Teen Drivers

Some specific patterns that may result in teen driver accidents include speeding, drinking, teens being unaware of new places that they have never been, and not being comfortable on certain roads, particularly highways. On Long Island, the biggest risks associated with teen driver accidents are distractions, because they involve phones, radios, other kids in the car, and speeding.

It is important for teens to understand that driving fast increases the chances of an accident and increases the chances of this accident leading to a serious injury. Unfortunately, teens are more likely to be involved in an accident because of lack of experience and lack of judgment.

After an Accident

When a teen driver is involved in a collision on Long Island, especially an accident that is partially their fault, the teen can expect insurance rates to go up substantially.

After being involved in an accident, a parent should tell their child to wait for the police and to ensure that they have information. This includes information such as the other cars involved, and to take photographs of the scene.

Prevention Methods

Parents should have open communication and a set of rules for their teen drivers. Whether it is limited hours or complete disclosure as to where the teen driver is going, it goes to open communication.

It is also important that teens have a financial role to play in the use of their vehicle. If they are paying, for example, for all or part of their insurance, they understand that they will be paying more for it if their insurance goes up.

If they are paying for the tires on their car, they might make sure that their tires are in as good condition as possible. Financial contributions play a role, communication is important, and making sure that kids understand the dangers of inattentiveness is important. This can help to reduce the frequency of teen driver crashes on Long Island.

Nuances of Teen Accidents

As soon as a person has a claim or a case with a party that is a teenager, people may say that the teenager was inattentive or was doing something that took their eyes off the road which contributed to the accident. A lawyer has to be on their toes with this type of claim, because their client is bringing a claim against a teen.

The other thing with teen driver accident cases on Long Island is that any money collected for anybody that is under 18 gets put into a special bank account, which cannot be opened up until that person is 18.

Benefit of Experienced Counsel

After an individual is involved in a teen driver accident on Long Island, they will want to hire an attorney with some level of expertise with these types of accidents. Whether it is a rollover accident, a phone distraction, or a hit and run, a person wants to make sure that the lawyer has a level of experience with those accidents.

Specifically, when dealing with kids, it is always good to have an attorney that is more sensitive and able to relate to the teen in a way that makes the teen feel comfortable, so that there is open disclosure between the lawyer and the client, especially if the client has been injured.

Teen Drivers Should Contact a Long Island Attorney After an Accident

It may be challenging for a teen driver to dispute claims that they are at fault for an accident. It is easy to claim that younger drivers have less experience and make risky decisions on the road. However, we understand Long Island teen driver accidents are often quite complex. We are prepared to fully investigate a collision to determine who is liable and build a case demonstrating this negligence. Call Goldstein & Bashner today to get started.

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