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Getting hurt in an accident is one of the scariest and most traumatic experiences someone can experience. No one ever expects to suffer injury from an accident. So when one occurs and leads to injury, the resulting financial stress can be quite shocking.

Not only do those injured in accidents have to cope with their physical and mental injuries, they often have to deal with unplanned financial burdens directly related to those injuries.

When someone else is to blame for an accident, it can add a great deal of insult to injury as the financial stress from the accident continues to increase. Under New York state law, those who suffered injury due to someone else’s wrongful conduct can file an injury claim against the party responsible.

This means that injured individuals can seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering from the person or entity whose actions (or lack of action) caused their injuries. These cases are complex, so it is important to contact a Queens personal injury lawyer and discuss your situation. A skilled personal injury attorney can help ensure that all the proper requirements for an injury claim are met and that you know what to expect throughout the claims process.

Types of Injury Cases

Below are examples of personal injury cases where injured victims commonly seek compensation:

A personal injury attorney in Queens could provide invaluable assistance in pursuing compensation for accidents like these.

Filing a Personal Injury Suit

People who suffered injury due to someone else’s negligent, reckless, or intentional misconduct can file a lawsuit seeking compensation for their damages. Broadly, damages are harms someone suffers in an accident or other incident, and can include lost wages, property damage, medical expenses, and more.

The law sets a deadline to file personal injury claims such as those listed above. This specified filing time frame is known as a statute of limitations. New York’s statutes of limitation vary depending on the type of case.

However, most people suffering from a personal injury have three years from the date of the incident to file their lawsuit. So, it is important to contact a personal injury lawyer in Queens as soon as possible after seeking medical treatment.

Common Types of Injuries

Recent accident report data from the New York Police Department show that over the course of just one month, 833 people were injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents in Queens.

With such a high accident rate, it is no surprise that one of the most common types of personal injury cases in Queens is those involving auto accidents. This is due to the fact that those injured in car crashes are likely to sustain serious injuries, such as:

Each of the injuries could require extensive medical treatment resulting in thousands of dollars of unreimbursed medical bills. A Queens lawyer who handles personal injury cases could help their client obtain the compensation they deserve.

Call a Queens Personal Injury Attorney Today

It can be overwhelming to deal with the physical, mental, and financial consequences of an accident. However, you do not have to deal with your case alone.

With the help of a dedicated Queens personal injury lawyer from Goldstein and Bashner, you can seek compensation for your injuries and other accident damages. Your lawyer will answer questions you have about the legal process, the amount of compensation you may be owed, and more.

Your attorney can handle the case in court while you continue to recover. Contact a personal injury attorney today to learn how they can help.

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