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Motorcycle crashes can cause even more damage than other types of motor vehicle accidents. The physical vulnerability of the motorcyclist is much greater, even when a helmet is used. Also, police sometimes jump to the conclusion that the motorcyclist was driving recklessly.

An experienced Long Island motorcycle accident attorney will have substantial experience dealing with the particular kinds of issues raised by motorcycle accidents. A  knowledgeable personal injury attorney in Long Island has the ability to make a strong case for you and get the compensation to which you are entitled.

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Hazards for Motorcycles

While interstate highways have been the location of many motorcycle accidents, driving in more densely populated areas can also be dangerous. That is because drivers of automobiles frequently try to change lanes quickly, without noticing whether a motorcycle may be nearby. The American Motorcycle Association sponsored a study of motorcycle crashes that found that 59 percent of collisions happen in moderate to heavy traffic. Cyclists who try to lane split – moving up between cars that are stuck in traffic – must be very careful of these hazards.

Under current law, motorcyclists and passengers almost everywhere are required to wear helmets that comply with requirements set by the federal government. When purchasing a helmet, an individual should make sure to look for markings indicating that it complies with the standards issued by the Transportation Department. Motorcyclists must also have a permit that shows they have taken an approved course and passed a test proving they know how to operate the vehicle safely.

The moments right after a motorcycle spill can be frightening. It is important for the individuals involved to stay calm and not admit any wrongdoing. As soon as they can, an individual should get in contact with an experienced Long Island motorcycle accident attorney.

Who Can Bring a Claim Against A Negligent Party After a Motorcycle Crash?

Anyone who is involved in a motorcycle accident, as long as liability is in their favor, can bring a claim against a negligent party. This includes pedestrians, passengers, motorcycle operators, and other drivers.

Building a Case

It is never too soon to start gathering important information, such as names and addresses of other people involved, road conditions, and witness accounts. Experienced motorcycle accident attorneys in Long Island know how to question potential witnesses to get the information that will be most helpful in winning the case or obtaining a favorable settlement.

One smart thing to do is to take pictures of any injuries or damage to the motorcycle. A person should keep a comprehensive record of all medical expenses that are in any way related to the accident. Sometimes, individuals are injured in a collision while not wearing a helmet. However, this does not necessarily mean they cannot recover damages. The courts today will usually impose a comparative negligence standard.

Comparative negligence means that the injured party’s damages are reduced to reflect their own carelessness – in this case, not using a helmet. However, if the victim can show that the other motorist caused the accident through reckless driving, some compensation can still be obtained. The pursuit of such damages can be best accomplished by working with a seasoned motorcycle accident lawyer in Long Island.

How are Motorcycles Treated Differently than Other Vehicles?

Motorcycles are treated the same as other vehicles except for two differences. Motorcyclists have a different license to drive a motorcycle as opposed to a car. There are also different ways the law treats people who have been injured while driving a car versus people who were injured while driving a motorcycle.

Motorcyclists need to have their standard license in addition to initially getting a motorcycle permit. Their licenses are usually classified as a class A, B, or C. Those are limited to motorcycles and mopeds. An individual can obtain a motorcycle license or permit at age 18 years, or age 17 if they have successfully completed a driver’s education course.

The New York State Motor Vehicle Department enforces the standard for motorcyclists, which are no different than somebody driving any other motor vehicle. A motorcycle operator must obey the rules of the road the same way that an operator of a car has to observe them.

Insurance Issues

Surprisingly, motorists who have insurance on their cars frequently do not have adequate coverage for their motorcycles, perhaps because they see them as recreational vehicles. This is a mistake. A person is more likely to suffer serious injury in a motorcycle crash, due to the nature of the vehicle.

The Benefit of a Long Island Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Whatever your situation, a seasoned Long Island motorcycle accident lawyer can help. They know that police accounts of accidents can sometimes be biased against the motorcyclist, and they are familiar with the particular kinds of injuries most likely to occur in motorcycle collisions.

A motorcycle accident attorney in Long Island will be diligent about gathering key evidence – including eyewitness accounts – and then putting this evidence together to build the strongest possible case. Give us a call today to get started.

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