Long Island Hit and Run Accident Lawyer

According to Long Island law, a hit and run accident is when someone involved in a collision leaves the scene, which is a crime.  In these types of accidents, serious injuries can occur which makes it important that a Long Island hit and run accident lawyer is consulted. An experienced auto claims attorney can assist in determining who may be liable for injuries cause and help hold that party responsible for both causing an accident and fleeing the scene. En Español. 

Common Hit and Run Patterns

The common fact patterns surrounding hit and run accidents involve drunk driving, stolen vehicles, and people that have no insurance. Those are the most common fact patterns surrounding a hit and run accident.

Generally, with a hit and run accident, a person cannot identify the other vehicle. That is not always the case, but it happens often enough, so it becomes difficult from the victim’s point of view to initiate a claim. With that said, it is important to contact a hit and run collision lawyer in Long Island because most victims do not know how to initiate a claim in a hit and run accident and may not even know if they have a claim at all.

Steps to Take Following An Accident

The first and the most important step is to make sure the police are on the scene of the accident and note that somebody left the scene of an accident. That is the most important rule. The second step is that they have to write everything down because a person’s memory is so fresh at that moment. They should write the description of the car and exactly how the accident occurred, because often as time moves on people forget. Even if he or she has a limited description of the car, there have been times when that limited description has been able to identify the vehicle that was involved in a hit and run. Finally, an important aspect, especially today with the use of mobile phones is to take photographs and even videos of the location of the accident.

In New York and on Long Island, there are no punitive damages in a hit and run, generally. They are no different than any other personal injury case. There are economic damages, which include lost wages and medical and hospital expenses and non-economic damages, which include pain and suffering. To seek damages for your accident, contacting a Long Island hit and run accident attorney immediately may be vital to your case.

Get Help From a Long Island Hit and Run Accident Attorney

A Long Island hit and run accident lawyer can usually assist in determining if the victim has the right to bring a legal claim. There are rules surrounding whether a person can make a legal claim for a hit and run accident and, if there is a claim, how to figure out which insurance carrier to pursue the claim against.

In New York, an injured party can bring a claim under their own policy under the uninsured motorist policy. If the person does not have insurance or is a pedestrian with no insurance in his or her household, there is a state agency in New York called MVAIC or the Motor Vehicle Accident Indemnification Corporation which allows a victim to bring limited claims for pain and suffering from hit and run accidents. To learn more about how a dedicated attorney could assist you after a hit and run wreck, contact us today.

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