Long Island Major Road Accident Lawyer 

Car accidents are stressful enough, but car accidents that take place on major roadways can be terrifying experiences. Not only are major accidents frightening, but the possibility for danger is even greater because of the speed at which cars are going, and the sheer volume of vehicles that are passing through. Injuries resulting from major road accidents range in severity, but the possibility of sustaining a fatal injury is high. If you have been involved in a Long Island major road accident, you do not need to shoulder that burden alone. A Long Island major road accident lawyer can work with you to hold the responsible parties accountable. Contact a skilled car accident attorney who can help you pursue damages.

Where Accidents Commonly Occur

Long Island has two major parkways running west and east. These parkways are the southern state parkway which is on the south shore of Long Island, and the Long Island Expressway which is on the north side of the island and runs east and west. Both of those arteries have multiple accidents daily from east to west. The Long Island Expressway which is on the north shore runs as far east as Riverhead and goes all the way up to New York.

The southern state parkway runs far east and goes all the way up to the Queen’s county borderline by Kennedy Airport. Those are only two, the two major parkways. There are other parkways that are extremely busy such as the Grand Central Parkway, the Seaford-Oyster, and the Sagtikos Parkway to name a few, and others that are also busy parkways in which there are lots of accidents.

Common Fact Patterns

In Long Island parkways and highways, common scenarios include multi-vehicle chain collision accidents, they are looking at people that get hit in the rear particularly when traffic slows up in that string of rush hour. There is also the issue of speeding on these roads but that is less of an issue because people do not usually get involved in accidents because of speeding.

It is usually other issues when it comes to parkways and sometimes it is weather related. Weather can cause a dangerous situation on these parkways if the drivers are moving too fast, the person can wind up causing a major car accident with lots of different vehicles. Parkways and highways in Long Island are certainly different from local roads.

Role of Heightened Speed Limit

Speed on a highway could be bad, but it does not happen often that way. Often, a lot of accidents occur during rush hour because there are so many cars close together but when an accident does happen because of speeding on a highway, it can be bad because people are move quickly and they probably have gone somewhere between 40 and 60 miles an hour and sometimes more than that. When a person is getting into an accident at those speeds it is a disaster to those people in the car.

Difference Between Parkway and Street Accidents

With varying speeds, there is a better chance that there is going to be more damage and more serious injuries on accidents that occur on those roads. Number two: there are also issues as to which police department would be investigating the scene of the accident. Sometimes, it is a local police department, sometimes it is a county police department, sometimes it is the state police.

The third important area is that when an accident occurs on busy parkways, it is very difficult to stop both vehicles if there are two vehicles or three vehicles that start exchanging information so people have to be very mindful when they are in an accident. Stopping in the middle of the parkway could be dangerous. Four, multi-vehicle chain collision car accidents occur frequently on these roads because there are so many cars because particularly during rush hour traffic where the speed flows up, there is more likely to be cars closer together and thus a higher chance of a chain collision accident.

First Steps Following an Accident

When somebody is involved in an accident on one of these parkways or highways on Long Island, the best thing to do immediately is take photographs at the scene of the accident. Most people have a mobile phone and can take photographs or videos. Secondly, they should call the police if there are injuries, then an ambulance has to be called, and information should be exchanged with the other driver. Pictures should be taken of the vehicle of the person’s car and of the other driver.

Take notice of where they are on the parkway. Sometimes people get confused as to where they are if they are between exits, and if they are close to an exit. It is a good idea once to take pictures of the roadways in front of the person, in front of the accident site so as to get an idea as to where the person is. They should take down the license and plate number, name, and insurance company of the other driver. After taking down all of the relevant information, an individual should contact a Long Island major roads lawyer to get their case started.

Value of an Attorney

In an accident of this magnitude, the cost of medical treatment can be expensive. That coupled with the cost of car repairs can be difficult to handle alone. A Long Island major road accident lawyer can be invaluable, in your case.  An experienced attorney will have familiarity with handling major road accident cases and will have knowledge of what strategies will work best for you.  Contact a lawyer who can work to ensure a positive outcome for you.

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