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When it comes to the capacity to generate profound upheaval and anguish in the lives of those involved, almost nothing rivals a serious personal injury event stemming from the negligence of others.

The physical suffering, financial pressures and family strain that so often result from such circumstances can seem insurmountable unless justice and accountability can be obtained from those responsible.

If you find yourself facing a scenario of this sort, a Long Island personal injury lawyer is ready to take up the fight on your behalf.

Common Causes of Personal Injuries

Though most people have at least a vague conception of the types of situations that routinely give rise to personal injury suits, this realm of the law actually encompasses a surprisingly broad array of negligence and harm capable of leaving victims and their loved ones wondering if life will ever truly return to normal. Events and accidents which may lend themselves to the filing of a negligence lawsuit include:

While not all of the incidents described above will produce profound or permanent harm to those affected, a significant number of victims will, in fact, be left to deal with lasting disability, physical or cognitive impairment, catastrophic injuries, and monetary burdens.

When this is the case, a seasoned Long Island personal injury lawyer can step into the fray, assess the facts, amass crucial evidence and enlist the aid of skilled experts in order build the strongest possible case for an award of financial compensation.

Why Victims Might Pursue Personal Injury Litigation

Why Victims Might Pursue Personal Injury LitigationThough the days and weeks immediately after a personal injury event in Long Island are largely overtaken by pain, uncertainty and a struggle to begin the healing process, it often does not take long for victims and their families to realize the true toll the accident event is likely to have on their overall prospects and well-being.

As medical bills and lost wages begin to mount and physical limitations fully emerge, thoughts may turn to the option of seeking financial recovery through the courts.

If there is any comfort that can be taken at such a difficult time, it is in the fact that the law does afford injury victims the right and the opportunity to seek fair compensation for the losses inflicted upon them.

It may well be possible to secure payment for wage losses, medical bills, reduced earning capacity, physical pain, emotional suffering and much more. The key is to have a knowledgeable Long Island personal injury attorney conduct a thorough review of the facts in order to determine the most viable course of legal action.

Importance of Prompt Action

Those considering a personal injury lawsuit in Long Island must remember that the legislature has imposed concrete time limitations on the ability to pursue compensation, and these must be strictly observed.

As provided by New York Civil Practice Law and Rules § 214(5), an action for general negligence resulting in personal injury must be filed within three years of the accident date.

Claims of medical malpractice must be initiated within two years and six months of the date of the alleged negligence or from the end of continuous treatment by the professional targeted by the lawsuit.

A Long Island personal injury accident lawyer will ensure full compliance with all applicable requirements, making certain that claims are preserved and timely lodged.

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Those whose lives have been upended by another party’s negligence may not immediately recognize that they are entitled to aggressively pursue financial recovery.

If you are currently contending with serious challenges following an accident event and wish to learn more about your options, there is no better time to contact a Long Island personal injury lawyer at Goldstein and Bashner.

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