Changing Your Lawyer in Long Island

The quality of your legal representation can play a significant role in the outcome of your personal injury case. It can be challenging to find a personal injury lawyer you trust has the knowledge and experience to advocate on your behalf for fair compensation.

Many people hire legal counsel and then later wonder if they made the best choice for their unique situation. When that happens, you have the right to change legal representation, even after initiating your case. The skilled legal team at Goldstein & Bashner is dedicated to supporting people like you and could help you navigate the process of changing your lawyer in Long Island.

Reasons to Change Lawyers for Your Personal Injury Case

There are many reasons people may want to consider changing lawyers for their personal injury cases. The bottom line is that changing your attorney in Long Island is a personal choice, and doing what is best for your situation is vital.

Poor Communication

While lawyers have busy lives and may be unable to take every call immediately, sound communication is crucial for successful cases. Lawyers must be accessible to their clients and keep their clients informed about their cases’ updates and status.

Unorganized or Unprepared

When attorneys are unorganized, seem unprepared, or miss important hearings or meetings, they are not providing adequate legal representation. A dependable attorney should be orderly and complete tasks in a timely manner.

Rushing for a Settlement

Many personal injury cases end with a settlement rather than go to trial. However, your legal representation should be interested in securing the best possible outcome rather than the easiest. An attorney who rushes to accept initial settlement offers is likely not looking out for your best interests.

Ignoring Questions or Concerns

Simply returning phone calls and emails is insufficient when an attorney does not address their client’s concerns or answer specific questions. While a lawyer can offer legal advice, they have a duty to act according to the wishes of their clients, who should be making final decisions.

Important Elements of Switching Legal Representation

Anyone in Long Island has the right to change lawyers if they are unhappy with the legal service they are receiving. After hiring a new lawyer for representation, they can contact your previous attorney on your behalf. Your new attorney should also review your pre-existing retainer agreement to determine whether the previous lawyer is owed legal fees. Personal injury lawyers almost always work on a contingency basis, and the legal fees owed to the new and previous lawyer will typically come from the settlement after winning the case.

Perhaps most importantly, switching lawyers at any point should not harm the outcome of your case or cause lengthy delays. A communicative and knowledgeable Long Island lawyer could aggressively pursue the just settlement amount an injured party needs and deserves.

Discuss Changing Your Legal Representation With a Dedicated Long Island Attorney

You have the legal right and authority to change your attorney at any time and for any reason. If you are unsure about the person you are currently working with, changing your lawyer in Long Island may be necessary to reach your desired outcome.

Sound communication is crucial for personal injury cases, both in the courtroom and otherwise. The attorneys at Goldstein & Bashner have the experience and outstanding communication skills to collect the maximum compensation available in your case. Call today to discuss whether switching your legal representation is the right choice.

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