Potentially Negligent Parties in Long Island Auto Crashes

This past December, a massive 35-vehicle pileup on the Long Island Expressway in Shirley, left one woman dead and 33 others injured. For the 33 injured and the family of the woman who was killed, figuring out who to sue can be the difference in getting the deserved compensation to fully cover all the medical costs, damages and pain and suffering caused by the incident. With that said, it is important to understand the different parties who may be involved and to consult with a Long Island car accident attorney as soon as possible to begin filing a lawsuit.

Who May be Negligent

  • The truck driver and company: Because trucks and tractor-trailers tend to cause serious damage when they are involved in an accident, there are specific rules and regulations requiring them to carry a specific amount of accident insurance, depending on where they are. This is in contrast to getting into an accident with a car driver, who may not have any or enough insurance to cover your costs. However, due to the magnitude of this accident, the trucking company might not be able to fully cover everyone injured or killed in this accident. Questions to ask—was the driver properly licensed and trained? Was the truck properly maintained? Were all traffic ruled followed by the driver? Was he faulted in an investigation?
  • The company that hired the truck: The truck was being used to haul debris from Hurricane Sandy. Questions to ask—was the truck overloaded? Was the debris properly loaded onto the truck? Was the driver’s vision affected?
  • New York State: This accident occurred on the Long Island Expressway where traffic was being funneled into one lane due to construction. Several witnesses were quoted in a Newsday article claiming they did not see notice of this construction.
  • The construction company: Did the construction company working on the road do everything to ensure traffic could safely flow through the area? Did they provide ample notice that lanes would be closed?
  • The truck manufacturer: Was there a defect in the truck? Were there reported problems by several others with the truck in the past? Were the manufacturers aware of any possible defects or issues?

Steps to Take Following An Accident

If you are in an accident, there are important steps to take to protect your rights and make the recovery process as successful as possible.

Make sure to take care of your medical needs and, if possible, gather as much information as you can on the scene—other vehicles involved, pictures of the road, any signs or traffic signals, roadside distractions, etc. File a police report and take pictures of any damage and injuries you suffer.

How An Attorney Can Help

Our attorneys are experienced winning these types of cases and can help you sort through the details and determine all the parties at fault in the accident. We will then utilize our team of investigators and medical specialists to gather more evidence and build the strongest case possible based on the facts.

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