Gail Becker

Gail Becker joined our firm in the summer of 2012. Prior to coming to Goldstein and Bashner, Gail dedicated herself to the parents and children of PS 174Q for 12 joyful years as the PA President. Not only was her work as PA President rewarding in the sense that she was helping the children, but she became a strong parent advocate and enjoyed giving parents the proper information of their rights as a public school parent. Throughout the 12 years, Gail attended numerous parent workshops (even ran a few) and attended DOE meetings on a monthly basis.

Gail brings to Goldstein and Bashner her compassionate nature to help others and her organization skills. At some point during the course of your case, Gail will be involved.

In her spare time, Gail runs an adult co-ed Softball team. She also loves spending time with her husband Larry and their two children Amanda and Steven. She also has a soft spot for cats and has two named Gucci and Shea.

Gail Becker
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