Long Island Car Accidents Involving Bad Weather

Long Island is unique from other places in that it has an ocean from the south with flat terrain on the North Shore and the Long Island Sound, and terrain that is hilly. In terms of bad weather and climate, the north shore roads might be a little icier because the terrain is different and it might have more snow.

The south shore, on the other hand, also has snow, ice, and other weather-related issues, but because it is by the ocean, it has heavy fog, which is a specific concern to Long Island drivers.

These bad weather conditions can sometimes produce serious car accidents. If you have been involved in a Long Island car accident involving bad weather, it is imperative that you consult with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced car accident attorney can help you achieve the compensation you deserve.

Warning Signs

The potential warning signs of an accident include when there is bad visibility and a driver can substantially lose control because of hydroplaning or skidding. These are signs which should alert potential drivers that they are about to undergo a ride that might be a little bit more dangerous.

Steps After an Accident

These are situations which require the use of photographs, because if somebody is in an accident because of an icy condition, for example, black ice on the road, photographs are essential. Also, it is essential to have emergency vehicles present, whether it is police or an ambulance.

They are going to do their own investigation, whether it is taking witness statements, canvassing the area, and possibly taking their own photographs.

Determining Liability

The assignment of liability of a driver when it comes to weather-related issues in Long Island might include whether that driver looked at their vehicle before the accident and whether that vehicle was properly prepared to go into a difficult weather event.

For example, if it is snow and ice, things that are always looked at are the tires and windshield wipers. Also, attorneys look at the state of mind of the person and why they went out in a bad weather event. These are things that attorneys look at to assign full account as to how fast or slow somebody was going right before the accident occurred.

A lawyer will determine if it was snowing or raining at the moment the accident occurred, whether the individual’s headlights were on, and whether the person was experienced in driving in weather-related events. Weather plays a huge role in determining liability. Additionally, attorneys look at the car brakes and whether they were properly maintained prior to the accident.

Recoverable Damages

Economic and non-economic damages are always recoverable after an inclement weather accident in Long Island. That includes compensation for pain and suffering, for many injuries from the accident, and for damages related to wage loss, medical expenses, and hospital expenses.

Weather Reports

First, attorneys look at weather reports when gathering evidence. There are weather reports that a person can download from the internet and official weather reports from the government that tells what the weather was at or near the area where the accident occurred.

These weather reports break it down by the hour, how much precipitation might have fallen, how much precipitation there was before the accident, and how long it might have been raining or snowing before the accident. Weather reports are important. In many cases, attorneys will hire weather-related experts who are familiar with weather patterns and can help in determining an assignment of liability after bad weather related wrecks in Long Island.

Protective Measures

To best protect themselves from accidents involving bad weather, an individual should make sure their brakes are properly maintained, proper tires are on the vehicle and tires are changed, all-wheel drive and lights are on, and the windshield wipers were working properly. These are all things that one would normally look at before going out in a bad weather event.

Speak with an Attorney About Bad Weather Accidents in Long Island

These accidents are areas that require experienced testimony, so an attorney may have to look for weather-related experts who have a tremendous amount of education and experience in weather-related events.

Lawyers also look at governmental statistics to determine what kind of weather was occurring at or around the time of the accident. For other matters, lawyers will determine if there are photographs of any kind. Photographs of ice or rain are essential in claims involving a weather-related accident.

If you were involved in a bad weather accident in Long Island, do not wait to contact a lawyer. A dedicated member of our team could help you pursue the compensation that you deserve.

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