Expert Witnesses in Long Island Car Accident Cases

In general, expert witnesses in Long Island car accident cases are individuals who have been recognized because of their work history, education, and knowledge who would be extremely credible in a particular area. For example, a medical expert witness is somebody who has a degree and a tremendous amount of work experience in a specific clinical area, such as a cardiologist or a brain surgeon. Other types of expert witnesses could also refer to those who are affiliated with a non-medical specialty such as a mechanical or electrical engineer.

An expert witness is generally hired by a skilled litigation attorney for support in a given matter. An individual becomes known as an expert through certification and acknowledgement from a university or other relevant organizations. Read on to learn more about the role of expert witnesses in Long Island car accident cases, as well as how a dedicated attorney could offer you their assistance today.

Types of Expert Witnesses Used in Car Accident Cases

Various experts are utilized in personal injury cases. Each case is unique, and an expert will be contacted to assist in the case according to the subject matter. When discussing medical experts, an attorney may attain the assistance of an orthopedist, a neurologist, an ENT, or an emergency surgeon who would be helpful in a case involving critical care injuries. There are several non-medical experts who are often utilized as well.

Examples of individuals called upon to help study how an accident occurred could include mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and security experts. Even individuals who specialize in the area of lighting conditions may be called upon if the basis for a claim is that a certain area did not have good enough lighting to prevent an accident. These professionals can help give testimony in a court setting to help strengthen an experienced accident attorney’s argument.

The Role of Testimony

During a trial, if a matter needs to be explained to a jury in an easy and understandable way, an expert witness should be called upon to take on this task. If the claim is that another car was speeding so fast that the injured plaintiff did see the car coming, that really becomes an issue that would require an accident re-constructionist. They might be able to explain to a jury how the speed of the car caused the accident to happen.

An injured individual may also need an expert witness to explain their injuries to a jury. If their back was badly hurt and they missed work for 10 months, an expert witness could explain to the jury how the back injury was caused by the car accident and what the ultimate consequences of that back injury are. In this way, expert witnesses in Long Island car accident cases can be a valuable asset to an attorney to help properly communicate a plaintiff’s damages to the court.

How a Professional Collision Lawyer Can Help

A weathered collision attorney will have connections to different expert witnesses in Long Island car accident cases who can use their skills to help maximize the value of an injured individual’s claim. If you wish to pursue compensation for your injuries, consider reaching out to a compassionate car accident attorney today to schedule your initial consultation.

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