Long Island Car Crashes Caused by Animals

The upstate portions of New York are places of great natural beauty. Along with stunning natural vistas, the variety and the sheer number of wild animals is staggering. Unfortunately, these animals do encroach on man’s territory and cause thousands of car accidents every year.

Whenever there is a car accident, whether it is involving only the driver or another car, the driver who was forced to move to avoid the animal will always be at-fault. In these cases, people must rely on their own insurance policies to cover not only their own expenses but also those of any other people involved.

Therefore, it is important for people to understand their insurance policies and what protections they have in Long Island car crashes caused by animals. Contact an experienced car accident lawyer in the event of an animal-related accident.

The Law Involved

New York law requires that policies carry a minimum protection level of $25,000 for personal injury to other people and $10,000 for any property damage. New York personal injury protection requirement is $50,000. In regards to Long Island car wrecks caused by animals, it is important to keep in mind that any property damage payments will be issued to the other property owners first.

The $10,000 minimum coverage is for both the driver’s own damage and any damage to anything else, including other drivers’ cars, and if this minimum level is surpassed, the driver will be on the hook for the remainder.

Even if an accident involving an animal causes damage only to a driver’s car, the damage to the vehicle may easily eclipse the $10,000.00 minimum. No one likes to think about the consequences of colliding with an animal, but considering the potential monetary and human costs of hitting another car, it is an easy choice to make.

Risks of Multi-Car Accidents

All drivers have a duty to protect other drivers by trying to prevent Long Island car collisions caused by animals. Swerving to avoid an animal will certainly be interpreted as a violation of that duty, opening the driver to a claim of negligence, or worse.

Being named as at-fault in a multi-car accident will not only result in points on your driver’s record but may also open you up to significant financial strain. People can prepare for this situation by reviewing their insurance policy and choosing the coverage that best meets their financial situation and driving needs.

Talk with an Attorney After a Long Island Car Crash Caused by an Animal

It can be hard to know what your rights are after a crash involving an animal. An experienced attorney could help you understand what compensation you are entitled to under your insurance policy and make sure that you get the payments you are owed If another car was involved, a lawyer could help you determine whether they are at fault for the collision.

To discuss Long Island car crashes caused by animals with a legal professional, give us a call at Goldstein & Bashner. We are happy to assess your situation and walk you through your options.

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