Long Island Rear-End Car Accident Lawyer

Being involved in a rear-end car accident is an awful but common experience. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that rear-end collisions are among the most common car accidents in the United States, accounting for over 40 percent of accidents. Typically, these accidents occur at low speeds but, occasionally, they occur at higher speeds. In either case – whether rear-ended in the parking lot or on the parkway – injuries and damages to property are common.

If you suffered an injury in a rear-end car accident on Long Island, it is important to know your legal rights and responsibilities. Speak with a Long Island rear-end car accident lawyer to assist in repairing the dents in your life caused by a rear-end car accident. A capable car collision attorney can help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

Common Injuries in Rear-End Collisions

Most rear-end collisions occur at low speed but that is not to say that they do not have lasting effects. Damage to the person’s vehicle is almost certain to occur and sustaining injuries is not uncommon, particularly those involving the head, neck, and spine. These can have serious lasting effects on an individual’s work and quality of life. As a Long Island rear-end car accident lawyer knows, rear-end collisions that occur at a higher rate of speed can result in even greater damage and injury.

Whiplash is a frequently occurring injury in rear-end car accidents, occurring when the head is rapidly forced to move forward and backward and can be a serious medical issue. Common symptoms can include:

  • Neck pain, muscle inflammation, and stiffness
  • A headache, nausea, and dizziness
  • Pain in the back, jaw, shoulders, and arms

For anyone experiencing any of these symptoms, seeking medical attention and beginning treatment quickly could help alleviate the pain more quickly. The costs associated with seeking this medical attention – including doctor’s visits, pain medication, physical therapy, and other recovery-associated expenses – could be recovered in damages.

How Do Rear-End Car Accidents Occur?

Most often, rear-end car accidents occur because a driver is following too closely, not paying sufficient attention, or does not notice the cars in front of them are slowing down. Occasionally, multi-car rear-end collisions may occur where one vehicle rear-ends another which causes that vehicle to bump the next in line.

Important Deadlines for Recovery

Generally, there is a three-year window to file for damages associated with a Long Island rear-end car accident (N.Y. C.P.L.R. §214). If the accident was much more serious and a wrongful death suit is warranted there are two years to file this claim.

While it may be possible to recover compensation from an insurance company after these deadlines have lapsed, negotiating power with an insurance company declines quickly when there is no other route for recovery.

A Long Island Car Accident Attorney Can Help

Being rear-ended is frustrating – dealing with insurance companies, handling repairs to your vehicle, treating injuries – all while balancing the normal ins-and-outs of life. Having an attorney by your side to guide you through the process and help you manage the stresses of putting your life back together can make all the difference.

If you suffered any injuries in this type of collision, consider contacting a Long Island rear-end car accident lawyer to help protect your rights and work towards achieving the best possible outcome.

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