Long Island Car Accident Mediation

Here on Long Island, accident cases can take a long time to wind through the court system. Trials are not just time consuming but very expensive. The expenses can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. With that said, mediation is a tool experienced Long Island car accident attorneys use in order to settle a case more quickly and efficiently with less costs. Mediations are interventions between opposing parties that agree to dispute the matter with a neutral third party, for a possible solution.

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation is an excellent opportunity to try and shortcut the court system. Usually, for a mediation to take place both sides have to agree. If both sides agree, then it is more likely for the case to be settled since both attorneys don’t want to go through with the expenses of a trial.

A mediation is not a hearing or an arbitration, meaning it is never binding. In other words, when a possible amount is reached, it is up to the parties to decide if in fact, they want to settle. The mediator helps to negotiate but does not decide how much the case is worth.

What to Expect

A mediation can only happen if both sides are agreeable. At a mediation, both sides will be given a chance to give their evaluation of the case and a possible resolution. The mediator acts as a neutral party, in which he or she has had no involvement with the case and works on negotiating proposals from both sides. Mediations can be done privately or publicly in front of both parties. The mediator will read the facts of the case and help each party see the other’s point of view. Typically in a car accident case, this can range anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. A discussion will continue until an agreement is reached, or till it is clear no agreement will be reached at that time.

Parties Involved in A Car Accident Mediation

A mediation can occur before a claim is put into suit or at any time after a suit is filed. Both you and your attorney will be present at the mediation. If you need to consult with an outside person, such as a spouse or child, then it might be best for you to bring him or her with you, rather than have them on standby notice via telephone. The defendant does not have to at the mediation. However, the defendant’s attorney will be present, along with the insurance adjuster assigned to the case. The insurance adjuster will be there because it will be their company who will most likely be paying the settlement, and agreeing to the final settlement offer. This adjuster has dealt with your case and knows all of your injuries and details from the accident.

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