Cruise Control Safety Tips in Long Island

Cruise control is a wonderful invention to assist drivers during long road trips. It keeps drivers at a safe, constant speed, and even increases gas efficiency over long distances. However, there are drawbacks to using this technology as it is unsafe to use cruise control in certain situations.

Even in perfect conditions, cruise control should only be used if the time is right. These few cruise control safety tips are designed to provide a brief overview of proper cruise control use. Talk to a professional car accident lawyer if you have more questions.

Sudden Stops

Cruise control should never be used in cases where a sudden stop may be necessary. This includes when driving in the city, small towns, or even on interstates during high traffic periods. All cruise control systems are automatically stopped when a person presses on the brakes.

However, the mere fact that the cruise control is activated tends to reduce a person’s awareness of what is going on around them. This results in reduced reaction times in case of a need for a sudden stop.

Mountainous or Winding Roads

For much the same reasons, cruise control should never be used on mountainous or winding roads. This type of driving limits how far a person can see in front of them and the need to suddenly stop may be only a few feet ahead. In cases like these, it is far better to maintain concentration and turn off the cruise control.

Weather Conditions

People should take caution when using cruise control in less than ideal weather conditions. While the rumor that cruise control can cause a car to lose control on wet roads is untrue, the fact of the matter is that stopping distances are increased on slick surfaces.

Whenever it is raining or snowing, take extreme caution when choosing to use cruise control. Use common sense in situations like these; if the roads are bad enough that you cannot safely drive at the posted speed limit, don’t use cruise control.

Great Tool

Cruise control is still a great tool to use when there is good visibility and light traffic. On long interstate trips, it can ease the stress of driving and even increase overall gas mileage.

But in cases where the conditions are less than ideal, or the need to suddenly stop may arise, it is better to be safe than sorry and drive with the cruise control safely in the “off” position. Take these cruise control safety tips with you when you are on the road.

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