Long Island Failure to Yield Lawyer

There are many ways in which a person can violate the laws pertaining to yielding to other vehicles and similar fact patterns. Whether it is yielding to oncoming traffic, turning left, entering a roadway, or failing to yield to an emergency vehicle, these are all areas in which if the person does not yield to the other vehicle, they are breaking the law.

If you have been involved in an accident due to another’s negligence to yield, it is important to contact legal counsel as soon as possible. A Long Island car accident attorney can build a claim to help you recover damages after your failure to yield accident.

Determining Liability

Sometimes it is simple and sometimes complicated to identify fault. If a person failed to yield the right of way, generally, the fault is on them since they are responsible for yielding the right of way. However, it depends on the state a person lives in.

Even if the driver failed to yield the right of way, New York and Long Island practice comparative negligence, which means that even if the individual did not yield the right of way in many circumstances, though not in most, they can still have a claim for damages. This process can be best explained using a failure to yield lawyer in Long Island.

In most cases, the person that has failed to yield the right of way will have primary responsibility, if not all responsibility, in a motor vehicle accident. To the extent that the failure to yield the right of way puts the majority of fault on the violator, it makes it a much more challenging claim for any lawyer who has a client who failed to yield.

Right of Way

When a person does not allow the other vehicle to move before they move, they are breaking the law with respect to yielding the right of way.

Payout by the Insurance Company

Often, insurance companies do not pay in failure to yield cases. For example, if an individual sees that the vehicle with the person who has damages made a left turn in front of oncoming traffic, generally, they are not going to pay for the damages. They look at the failure to yield the right of way as a no pay position. To challenge this, an individual should not hesitate before contacting a failure to yield lawyer in Long Island.

Investigating the Claim

In many cases in which a person failed to yield the right of way, attorneys have been able to reconstruct the accident to show that there was at least some liability on the non-yielding other vehicle.

Whether it is hiring an accident reconstruction specialist, taking photographs, or talking to witnesses, sometimes they are able to show liability on the other vehicle. In New York, this can allow the person to pursue a damage claim.

Benefit of a Lawyer

When a person is working with an experienced Long Island failure to yield lawyer, they can properly investigate these types of challenging claims. An experienced failure to yield attorney in Long Island may make a possibly difficult claim much easier.