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Five Important Ways to Avoid Car Accidents on Long Island Roads this Winter

From Hicksville to East Meadow to Rockville Centre, Long Island winters see way too much snow, sleet, and ice. All this makes for cars driving on snowy roadvery dangerous driving conditions that are causing car accidents throughout Long Island.

Here are five tips you'll want to know to keep safe on winter, slippery roads:

  1. Drive slowly and make sure to leave plenty of room between you and the car in front of you. You do not want to break suddenly on ice, so give yourself plenty of room to break safely.
  2. Make sure your car is completely cleaned off of snow and ice. Not only do you need complete visibility in these road conditions, but the snow and ice can shoot off your car when you stop and fly into other cars behind you.
  3. Take caution when turning or passing a corner as plows have left large snow banks on the corners that make it difficult to see.
  4. Using lower gears can help with traction if an area is particularly icy or uphill.
  5. Be extra careful of black ice, which can form on bridges, overpasses, off-ramps, and in shady spots.

Using common sense and extra caution when driving will make your drive safer. Of course, you can't control how others drive and there are plenty of drivers who will speed and tailgate even in dangerous winter conditions. Be alert to other drivers on the road.

"It's so important to take the extra time in bad weather and clean your car off, and most importantly take it slow.  I've seen devistating consequences when people are careless drivers in already bad driving conditions.  You don't just put your own life at risk, you put the lives of others on the road at risk." -Neal Goldstein, Senior Partner at Goldstein & Bashner

If you are injured in a car accident, our lawyers can help.

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