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What is a squeeze play truck accident?

Tractor trailers require a wide radius in order to make a turn without jackknifing, toppling the trailer, or running over curbs, which can create a danger for cars nearby. Passenger cars stuck in a truck’s blind spot run the risk of being involved in trucking squeeze play accidents, one of the most dangerous trucking accidents.

What is a squeeze play truck accident?

The wide turning radius of a commercial truck is especially dangerous when the truck is turning right. Depending on the design of the intersection and the size of the truck, the trucker sometimes has to swing all the way into the left lane to safely turn right. When this occurs, it is not unusual for another driver to assume the trucker is changing lanes and to try to pass the truck on the right. As the trailer swings back into line in the right lane, the truck squeezes the vehicle between the trailer and the curb.

No matter if these accidents occur because of the misjudgment of the car’s driver or the negligence of the trucker, the driver and passengers of the smaller car are almost always the ones who pay the greatest price. Devastating injuries are common, and fatalities may occur.

How can I avoid a squeeze play accident?

In almost all cases, these accidents are easily avoided when both drivers pay attention. You can help prevent them by:

  • Always giving trucks extra room at intersections
  • Staying out of a truck’s blind spots
  • Paying attention to a truck’s turn signals, and giving it room to maneuver
  • Never passing a truck on the right

While it is important to follow these tips, accidents happen but you may have options. 

How can Goldstein & Bashner help?

The truck accident attorneys at Goldstein & Bashner works with truck accident victims on Long Island, ensuring they get all of the compensation they need to recover from their physical, emotional, and financial damages.

If you suffered serious injuries in a squeeze play accident and believe it was caused by the truck driver’s negligence, we can help you explore your legal options for compensation. We will manage your whole case for you, from filing a claim and gathering evidence to negotiating settlements and filing a lawsuit with a Suffolk County or Nassau County court.


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