Mistakes to Avoid After a Truck Accident in Long Island

Admitting fault at the scene of a truck collision in Long Island is a mistake and could ultimately hurt a person’s case. The problem with acknowledging fault immediately at the scene of any accident is that, in Long Island, that type of statement may be introduced at trial, which could be devastating against an injured party’s legal case.

Even if law enforcement does not include one driver’s admission of fault in their police report, it is very likely that the other driver, during a deposition in a civil case, would say that they apologized for causing or contributing to the incident. While there may be no legal significance in that, it could be substantial evidence to potential jurors.

Any statements that are said at the scene of a commercial vehicle crash could be used against either party during litigation. You should only answer questions that a police officer asks you, as affirmatively acknowledging fault is one of many mistakes to avoid after a truck accident in Long Island.

Photographs of the Scene

Forgetting to take photographs at the scene of the accident is another mistake people tend to make after being involved in a commercial vehicle collision in Long Island. Once the vehicles have been moved and the road has been cleaned up, it is virtually impossible to demonstrate the positioning of the vehicles other than to draw them. Photographs are powerful evidence in civil court, and it is a mistake not to take them after an accident.

Witnesses’ Contact Information

It is also advisable to get the names and addresses of witnesses to the crash. Police officers do not always get the names and addresses of everybody who sees an accident, so it is important to collect any information from nearby witnesses if possible. An injured party who is unable to do so one their own can ask an attorney to compile witnesses’ names and addresses on their behalf.

Immediate Medical Attention

It is crucial for someone who is hurt even a little bit to go to the emergency room from the scene of the truck accident as opposed to going at a later time. A person who refuses immediate medical attention would be forfeiting an opportunity to document their injuries after the wreck, and failing to collect this important evidence is a mistake people should avoid after a truck crash in Long Island. Prompt medical examinations after a collision can also help a lawyer measure and calculate a claimant’s damages.

Ask an Attorney about Mistakes to Avoid After a Truck Collision in Long Island

Contacting an attorney right after a truck crash in Long Island promotes the preservation of evidence which may be lost or destroyed over time and helps them get to the scene of the accident as quickly as possible. If someone is in the hospital, they may not be able to reach out to a lawyer right away, but they should do so either upon discharge or with the help of a relative during their recovery.

A legal representative from our firm could go to the scene of the accident, take photographs, get police reports, and speak to witnesses while memories are still fresh and scenes are still intact. It is always important to speak to a lawyer as soon as reasonably possible, so call today to learn more about the mistakes to avoid after a truck accident in Long Island.

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