Long Island Garbage Truck Accident Lawyer

In New York City, garbage trucks are owned by the City of New York and their own workforce works on those trucks and picks up garbage and drives those trucks. Some offices have commercial contractors who have to pick up the garbage than a standard garbage truck used for residential purposes. It really depends on where they are working, and who they are working for, and the volume of human beings and vehicles in that area.

Garbage truck collisions tend to cause bad injuries to people, vehicles, and property. An established tractor trailer injury attorney can help you prove how this truck caused irreparable damages for which you should be compensated. A Long Island garbage truck accident lawyer could give you the peace of mind necessary to seek the compensation you deserve.

Common Garbage Truck Crash Cases

There was a case that involved a waste truck which was, according to their own driver, overloaded and caused to have brakes to fail, causing the driver to go through a red light. There is an inability to stop quickly for garbage trucks depending on how overloaded they are versus how well-maintained their brakes are and their tires. The worse the brake maintenance, the worse the tire maintenance, the more the weight, the more likely they are going to cause an accident.

As a Long Island garbage truck accident lawyer knows, the dangers of these collisions should be taken seriously because garbage trucks travel throughout neighborhoods. They sometimes are areas likely to have access such as children in these neighborhoods and they are riding bicycles, skateboards, scooters. In neighborhoods, the danger of hitting pedestrians goes up dramatically, and there is still a limitation on a garbage truck on a highway. On parkways, they can’t be on, but on highways, they can and wherever they are, they have the potential for causing an accident.

How Can Maintenance Risks Cause Harm?

With a vehicle, like a garbage truck which is being used constantly, the maintenance on these types of vehicles becomes much more important because if they are not maintained properly, they become less safe to the public.

A vehicle that is in high use means high maintenance and a vehicle that has high weights on it that is used on virtually every road means that it needs heightened maintenance because when that maintenance fails, that is when the accident can occur.

Benefit of Contacting an Attorney

In every case, it is important that witnesses be contacted. A Long Island garbage truck accident lawyer can help you collect relevant evidence and witnesses for your case. By going to the scene, it is possible to find video footage from a nearby establishment that is helpful to the case. By going early, they can secure witnesses, possibly get pictures of marks on the ground such as skid marks and may find witnesses at a bar or working in the area that might only be there temporarily. The sooner one gets moving on this stuff, the sooner they could protect their rights.

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