Calculating Long Island Truck Accident Damages

There are many steps to take after being involved in a truck collision. First and foremost, you should seek medical attention. It is always good to be on the safe side and double-check if you have sustained any injuries from an accident. You should then seek the consultation of a truck wreck attorney. A lawyer may be able to help you with calculating Long Island truck accident damages. Contact today to learn more about the process of recovering damages.

Damages a Person’s Auto Insurance Typically Covers

Having no-fault insurance in New York covers anything from the accident. In New York, there is a $50,000 no-fault policy that covers medical, wages and some expenses. Unfortunately, they haven’t raised these numbers for many years so if it is wages, the minimum in every policy is $2,000 a month and there is an equation that offsets that so that it is 80% of what one is making to the maximum of $2,000 a month, and they also subtract out any disability payments, and it covers expenses up to $25 a day.

What is good to know is one could always raise their no-fault insurance to cover more than $2,000 a month in lost wages, to cover more than $50,000 total and to cover more than $25 a day in expenses. It is just an additional fee that one would ask their broker or their insurance company directly to do if they wish to raise their coverage if they want to be covered for that type of no-fault coverage. This is something an attorney may factor in when calculating Long Island truck accident damages.

What is a Damage Cap?

New York does not have any damage caps as of today.  A cap occurs in other states. There is one in Orlando, for instance. There was a cap of going after a police officer on duty who caused an accident of $100,000, but in New York, there is no such cap and if one wins it, they can collect against any entity to any amount if they have the resources to pay it. A damage cap makes it much more easier to caculate Long Island truck accident damages without having to worry about any restrictions.

Role of an Attorney in the Recovery of Damages

The wages are one component of the damages. Another component is the benefits package that one might have with their job such as life insurance, disability insurance or health insurance. There is also sometimes more benefits included in people’s packages at work. Frequently, unions have negotiated for these. That should be calculated on what are the lost wages.

It is easy to do the math and say, they were making a certain amount per year, and then multiply how long they might be out of work for or into the future, but without looking at cost of living increases and other things that are in contracts and not in contracts, still, they can use numbers quantified by experts.

Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer Today

The attorney should be gathering tax returns from the client. If they are in a union, there is usually a contract or a benefits package. They should be getting not only the money expended up until trial, but they should be looking for future projections which might be needed in the future. If someone has to have a caretaker or if someone has to have an aide, all of those things have to be looked at and, a lot of times, it is in something called a life care plan which projects out what specific costs are required to maintain one’s health in the future.

Make sure to speak with a truck collision attorney if you believe you could benefit from their services. Their help may be incredibly beneficial to your claim, especially when calculating Long Island truck accident damages.

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