Common Long Island Truck Accident Injuries

If one is a pedestrian, the injuries could be horrific, often leading to death. In one instance, there was one truck accident where a truck rolled over someone’s foot. If a truck hits someone with the size and weight of a truck, it is likely either going to lead to death or something horrific. If one is inside their vehicle, the common Long Island truck accident injuries can occur, everything from the so-called whiplash case which is neck and back sprains all the way up to being paralyzed. Speak with a truck collision attorney to learn more.

It all depends upon the speed of the vehicles and how it occurs. Sometimes, a car is crushed and someone walks out with no marks, and there are times when a car is bumped and someone hits their head inside the car and ends up with horrific brain damage even though the car looked like it had no damage. It is hard to say; anything can happen when one is involved in moving vehicles that have accidents.

Common Causes

Trucks have different problems than cars, naturally. Many times, they have to make wide turns, and a classic example could be, in making a right turn, sometimes a tractor-trailer, which is a type of truck, will veer to the left first and then go hard to the right. Sometimes, it looks like they are switching lanes or making a left turn but, in reality, they cannot get that turn to the right unless they move to the left first. If someone is driving by on a truck, they might think that they could just pass on the right when, in reality, they should be slowing down. That sometimes causes the accident.

Another problem with trucks is that they cannot stop at red lights the same way that other vehicles can. Sometimes, trucks go through lights because they are just going too fast under the situation, and the way a car can stop from a yellow to a red is different than a truck.

Another problem is that truck drivers drive for long hours and they might not be that alert and, sometimes, they are drowsy or they fall asleep. Many times, truck drivers are not familiar with the area they are driving in because they are doing a delivery. It is not like they go there every day and because of their lack of familiarity of roads, they make driving errors which can be catastrophic. These causes can also lead to common Long Island truck accident injuries.

Impact on a Case

In general, each time there is a truck accident, one has to look at what it is like to drive a truck; they have blind spots, they have a very long vehicle and they have to maneuver it and, in traffic, it is much harder, and they have to be able to stop it and apply brakes sooner, and they have to be well-rested as long as it requires them to get a certain amount of rest when driving tractor trailers. One may also need to pay attention to the common Long Island truck accident injuries resulting from the crash. That could affect recoverable damages.

Trucks include short trucks, straight trucks which do not have tractors, tractor trailers, a cab and a trailer behind it. Each one is a different situation that one comes upon and they have to be, hopefully, familiar with them and have a common sense of how to assess each case.

Common Injuries

Common Long Island truck accident injuries can include sprained necks, and sprained backs, and sprained shoulders, and sprained knees all the way up to horrendous injuries where people are ejected from vehicles or crushed and killed inside of vehicles. One should just know that in all automobile cases or truck cases, there is potential for horrific injuries depending on the speed of the vehicles and whether people are wearing seatbelts or not.

Even low-impact injuries without a seatbelt can cause very bad injuries. There is always the potential of bad injuries when one is moving inside a vehicle.

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