Long Island Truck Accident Damages

People involved in truck accidents tend to come away with serious injuries. Given the size and weight of some trucks, a person could be highly susceptible to sustain injuries from a truck wreck. If you have been involved in a truck collision, get in contact with a dedicated and passionate attorney for more information on recoverable Long Island truck accident damages.

Economic Damages

Economic Long Island truck accident damages are concrete numbers that they can turn to in figuring out what someone’s loss is. It could be waged from their job. That number is easy to figure out. If they get a weekly paycheck and they have a set amount. If they do not make the same amount every year, they may have to look at multiple years of what they make to determine the amount. Not being able to work for a period is an economic damage, and if they cannot work into the future, that is a future economic damage.

The biggest case is for people who cannot work anymore. For example, in the case of a plumber, they would look at what they would make in the future and would look at the average and then how it would go up based on overtime. If they can’t evaluate that, they would look at the individual’s life expectancy, and their work expectancy and all those things lead to a big economic damage.

Other economic damages would be medical bills before the accident, after the accident leading up to a trial, and if one is anticipating future medical expenses, that is something many numbers larger than what was before the trial. That is done also, sometimes, by doctors projecting how much medical treatment one will need in the future and sometimes doctors are experts at projecting something called a life plan, whether one will need an x-ray every year, an MRI every year, therapy, medicine. All these things could add up to very large numbers so those are economic damages.

Expert Analysis

Frequently, attorneys have to prove future economic Long Island truck accident damages using experts such as an economist who will look at someone’s job and their profession, how long they would work into the future and can make projections about what their inability to work would lead to. Many times, there could be a union package to evaluate. There might also be disability policies to evaluate what one is paid, and so their policies, their social security disability. All these things affect the ability to make arguments into the future how much money one is going to be owed.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic Long Island truck accident damages are typically pain and suffering claims and this means trying to put into a number what one’s pain from a shoulder surgery is, for instance. It is hard to quantify these things because there is no concrete equation that one can apply to non-economic damages, so emotional distress, depression, inability to function, physical pain. These are typically non-economic damages and people call them, frequently, pain and suffering.

Recoverable Damages

They can look to recover all economic damages to the extent they weren’t paid for. In New York, there is something called no-fault insurance and the first $50,000 of money paid out under no-fault which is for both medical, time out of work and some expenses, those are not recoverable and they offset anything one would recover. Economic damages, they can look to recover, both up to the trial and into the future, and they can also look to recover the non-economic or pain and suffering damages up to the trial and into the future.

Calculation Damages Involved in Awarding Punitive Damages

Calculating Long Island truck accident damages is mostly about projections, deciding if one has a future, how long it will go on and how much it is going to cost when it comes to economic and, for non-economic, usually, that is done by a doctor giving an opinion about how long this condition will last and how long it may cause impact for the rest of their life.

Then, they may use something called life tables. Life tables present an idea of how long it is expected for someone to live. The biggest cases are ones that are projected for life, naturally, and the longer their life living with these pain and suffering injuries, the longer the numbers.

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