Seeking Medical Attention After a Long Island Truck Accident

Seeking medical attention after a Long Island truck accident is a critical part of both healing from your injuries and protecting your rights to seek compensation. Without a clear record of continuous treatment, it may be impossible to prove that your injuries are permanent and severe, which are critical parts of a successful claim. A knowledgeable truck accident attorney can further explain the importance of seeking treatment.

Why Do People Avoid Seeking Medical Attention in Long Island?

What it is about seeking medical care that seems to prevent people from prioritizing it even after they have been hurt is the money and time commitment. Often people stop getting treatment because they do not have enough money, they have to go back to work or school, or they have to attend to their family needs. However, seeking medical treatment is crucial. If a person does not seek the medical treatment they need, it is strong evidence that they do not have an injury.

Often, people at the scene of an accident just want to go home. They do not want to get stuck in an emergency room when they want to go to their own doctor. However, when there is a clear line of treatment between the moment of the accident and an emergency room the case will be seen as more credible than cases where the injured individual did not seek treatment until much later. This can give a claim a better chance of success.

Why Is it a Mistake to Not Follow Up

It is also a mistake not to follow the doctor’s orders or follow up with medical treatment. If a person does not have a serious injury or they are not able to prove a serious and permanent injury, they may not be able to meet the burden of proof for the case. In other words, they may not be able to prove their claim or that they should recover compensation for their injuries. This is because, when determining whether somebody has a serious and permanent injury, the courts often look at whether the person had regular and consistent medical treatment from the time of the accident going forward. If a person did not have treatment, it may not look like a person has compensable damages. An attorney can further explain the importance of following up with medical treatment after a truck accident.

How a Treatment Gap Could Hurt a Long Island Case

A treatment gap could also hurt a person’s case and could result in the case being dismissed. In many instances, courts, insurance companies, and lawyers would look at cases and evaluate them based on the seriousness and permanent injury of the person bringing the claim. If a person has significant gaps in their treatment, it would not seem like the injury is serious. It could also destroy the possibility of permanent injury, which would destroy the case in New York. An attorney can further explain the effect a treatment gap may have on a case.

Seeking Medical Treatment After a Long Island Truck Accident Is Important

Seeking medical treatment after a Long Island truck accident is important for several reasons. First, it is important to make sure you are taking every action possible to heal from your injuries. Second, seeking treatment is also critical evidence in a personal injury case. To better understand how seeking treatment could affect your case, call today.

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