Long Island Blind Spot Accident Lawyer

When passing a truck on the highway, you are more than likely to pass them on their sides. However, drivers must take extra precaution given the fact that some trucks cannot see everything that is directly on their sides. Injuries sustained from accidents that occurred due to the truck driver’s inability to see what is next to them, could prove to be very painful and economically strainful. If you have suffered such injuries, reach out to a decisive attorney. A Long Island blind spot accident lawyer can fight tirelessly to seek the compensation you deserve.

Prone to Blind Spot Accidents

Trucks have blind spots behind them as well as on either side of them, and that makes it much harder for them to maneuver a truck in these blind spots, and that sometimes leads to changing lanes without seeing a vehicle next to them or making wide turns when vehicles are on the side of them and then cutting off the vehicles just because they are making a wide turn.

The blind spots become very important, and truck drivers usually are guarding against blind spots with multiple mirrors as well as circular mirrors that are concave in an effort to not have blind spots but there are still going to be blind spots. Changing lanes is always going to be much more difficult to do safely than if they were driving any other vehicle. A Long Island blind spot accident lawyer may reference these points in a potential case.

Common Facts

Blind spot accidents usually occur on the sides of the vehicle, but not the entire side. Blind spots are also considered to be behind the vehicle s well. Usually, there are no cameras on the back of a truck. One would have to see what is going on directly behind them. Buses, many times, have cameras, however, that still does not prevent all accidents from occurring to a bus’ rear end.


Each case would have to be done on a case-by-case basis. The attorney’s job is to minimize the injured person or the car’s responsibility for the accident and to try to put as much responsibility on the truck. New York is a comparative negligence state so they are entitled to whatever damages, percentage-wise, that are blamed on, liability-wise, the truck driver. On a 50-50, they would be entitled to 50% of their injury damages as well as the property damage. Speak with a Long Island blind spot accident lawyer may be able to help with establishing negligence in a case.

Working with a Long Island Blind Spot Accident Attorney

They should expect that the lawyer will do a thorough job in investigating the facts of the case, researching the issues in the case and directly communicating with them the big points in the case. A Long Island blind spot accident lawyer should tell them both the good parts of the case and the bad parts of the case. Usually on a premises case, if the client is moving or walking, there will be a big argument coming from the insurance company against the individual as well as their attorney.

If there is a lawsuit, the lawyer against the individual, arguing that they were contributorily negligent for walking into whatever defect was on the ground, and these are things that cause people to win less money or possibly not win money at all on one of their cases. It is important that they understand the full picture when they are evaluating their cases and not just think this is a casino where they are just going to win money and walk home. They have to prove the case, go through the whole case and they need a lawyer that knows how to do that.

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