Bohemia Truck Accident Lawyer

If you were involved in an accident that a truck driver caused, there is a lot more that goes into potentially recovering compensation than just filing a lawsuit and showing up in court when asked. Understanding the physical and legal differences between automobile accidents and accidents involving tractor-trailers or other commercial trucks is critical to achieving a positive result in an ensuing civil case. Successfully filing suit is extraordinarily difficult for the average person to accomplish alone. Fortunately, that is where a Bohemia truck accident lawyer could come in to help. After your accident, a dedicated personal injury attorney could provide you with the information you need to effectively seek the financial recovery you may deserve.

Common Rules for Truck Drivers and Companies

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations dictate safety standards for commercial truck drivers and trucking companies. These regulations limit the amount of time a truck driver can drive per day or week and require trucking companies to ensure consistent inspections and maintenance of trucks in their fleet.

An experienced Bohemia truck accident lawyer could explain the rules that truck drivers and trucking companies are required to comply with and how they may apply to a particular case. This knowledge can offer a significant advantage to an injured plaintiff when it comes to dealing with insurance companies and allegedly liable trucking companies during settlement negotiations or a civil trial.

However, the actual facts of the accident itself may be relevant as well, especially if they can be used to indicate fault borne by one or more involved parties. Stopping distances, opportunities to decelerate, the turning radius of the truck involved, and even weather conditions and time of day may all play a role in determining the outcome of a civil lawsuit.

Steps to Take After a Truck Accident

As with all vehicle accidents, it is important after an accident involving a commercial truck occurs to provide police with an accurate report of the accident. As soon as possible during the aftermath of the wreck, involved parties should gather key information such as the truck driver’s name, registration, license, and insurance company name and policy number. They should also provide the other driver with their information as well, as well as seek out contact information for anyone nearby who witnessed the accident and may be able to provide relevant testimony.

If anyone sustained injuries, though, seeking appropriate medical care should take precedence over everything else. In addition to ensuring there are no hidden injuries with symptoms that are not immediately obvious, an examination in an emergency room can also provide crucial evidence that a seasoned lawyer could potentially use to support a claim for compensation later.

Talk to a Bohemia Truck Accident Attorney

If you were in a vehicle accident involving a bus or truck of any kind, having professional legal representation may be critical to your odds of success in seeking civil damages. Call a Bohemia truck accident lawyer and get the information and assistance you may need to effectively negotiate with insurance companies, collect all available evidence, and obtain fair compensation for your financial losses, injuries, and general pain and suffering.

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