Bohemia Slip and Fall Lawyer

Trip and fall accidents are a common cause of injury in New York, often due to unsafe conditions on private premises or disregard for the maintenance of a property. If you were injured in a slip and fall incident, you might be eligible to file a liability claim to recover compensation for your losses.

Liability laws in the State of New York hold property owners and landlords responsible for maintaining their premises in a reasonably safe manner. If you believe your injuries were due to a landowner’s negligence, you might benefit from speaking with a Bohemia slip and fall lawyer. A dedicated personal injury attorney might be able to help you demonstrate liability and file a strong case for compensation.

How Do Unsafe Situations Cause Trip and Fall Injuries?

There are numerous situations that might cause unsafe property conditions — such as uneven floor surfaces, slippery floors, cracked sidewalks or tiling, stairs with broken railings or treads, and floor elevations that are not clearly marked or easy to see. Even if a fall is not fatal, it might still cause severe injuries including sprains, cuts, broken bones, spinal cord damage, and brain trauma.

The more serious an injury is, however, the more compensation a claimant may be entitled to receive. An experienced Bohemia slip and fall attorney could help a plaintiff assess the extent of all their injuries in order to request adequate compensation for a slip and fall incident.

The Scale of Landowner Liability

Property owners owe their visitors a specific set of obligations. Depending on the nature of the visitor-owner relationship, the specific liability the owner holds will vary. For example, if an injured person was a customer at a hotel, shop, or restaurant, the owner of the associated facility would be obligated to warn them of any known risks.

If, on the other hand, an injured individual was a guest, friend, or acquaintance visiting a property, the property owner might have lesser liability than a shop owner. This is especially true if a landowner was reasonably unaware of needed repairs.

What if a Claimant was Trespassing at the Time of an Injury?

Even if a claimant was deemed to be trespassing when they sustained a trip and fall injury on a Bohemia property, they might still be entitled to some legal protections. This is because a property owner may still be considered liable for certain unsafe conditions, such as if the property was not suitably secured. This might include, for example, a failure to provide needed fencing, or not posting a sign about shallow depths in a pond or stream which could result in a diving accident.

Proving Negligence in Bohemia

A crucial element for a successful injury claim is proving negligence. The basic legal principles of negligence involve duty, breach of duty, causation, and injury. Essentially, it must be reasonably shown that a person or persons had a duty of care and that this duty was breached, which subsequently led to an incident that resulted in a claimant’s injuries.

More specifically, it must be shown that an at-fault party’s negligence directly caused an injury. A detail-oriented slip and fall lawyer in Bohemia could assist with proving this by assessing the facts of a case and working to demonstrate that all the core elements of legal negligence apply.

Let a Bohemia Slip and Fall Attorney Help

A trip and fall accident might lead to serious disability, pain and suffering, lost wages, reduced earning ability, and emotional distress—not to mention all the associated medical costs, including any anticipated future medical expenses. When your injury is due to a landowner’s negligence, you deserve to be compensated for all of these potential financial, physical, and personal losses you have suffered.

A Bohemia slip and fall lawyer might be able to help by informing you of your legal rights and helping to build a strong case requesting compensation. To learn more about how legal counsel might be an asset to you, call today.

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