Bohemia Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

After a serious accident, you may be traumatized and unsure of how to proceed. Severe and lasting damages might leave you unable to work or to support yourself and your loved ones.

If you have suffered a catastrophic injury and are now facing a prolonged recovery and temporary or permanent disability, you might benefit from the guidance of a compassionate Bohemia catastrophic injury lawyer. While no amount of compensation could fully restore your former health, a dedicated personal injury attorney could help you seek financial recovery for damages.

Common Types of Catastrophic Injuries

An injury that causes paralysis — such as damage to the spinal cord or brain trauma — or similarly intense effects is legally known as catastrophic injuries. This category might also include bone fractures, significant disfigurement, and significant or permanent limitation of the use of bodily functions and organs. Additional forms of catastrophic injuries include:

  • Illnesses due to exposure to hazardous chemicals or substances
  • Amputations
  • Crush injuries
  • Eye injuries, blindness
  • Organ damage — such as to lungs, liver, or kidneys
  • Neurological damage, loss of motor function
  • Concussions

Often, the extent, duration, and severity of an injury determine its categorization. A knowledgeable Bohemia catastrophic injury attorney could help assess a claimant’s unique circumstances and assess how their injury could be categorized.

Bohemia Severe Injury Laws and Statutory Rules

The State of New York has specific laws and rules that an injured plaintiff should understand before filing a claim. Essential components of any case in Bohemia includes the statute of limitations and the concepts of no-fault and partial liability.

What is the Statute of Limitation in Bohemia?

One essential component of any potential injury case is the statute of limitations. New York state law allows three years from the date of an accident which resulted in an injury in which the injured person may file a claim.

While there may be exceptions to this statute in certain cases, a claimant who does not adhere to this timeframe runs the risk of having the potential defendant make a motion for dismissal. A proactive lawyer could help an individual suffering a catastrophic injury file a claim that satisfies the statute of limitations in Bohemia.

How Does No-Fault and Partial Liability Work in Injury Cases?

New York follows no-fault insurance rules, meaning a claimant who suffers an injury in a truck crash, for example, might have limited options to recover compensation in a subsequent injury claim. This is because no-fault car insurance rule requires an injured person to first file a claim with their own auto insurance for compensation toward medical bills and other financial losses before making any additional civil claims — no matter who was at fault.

As a result, it is not unusual for an at-fault business or individual to argue that a claimant is partially or fully at fault for their own injuries. In such a case, the amount of compensation a plaintiff might be able to receive would be reduced depending on their percentage of determined fault for the incident. Essentially, if a claimant is deemed to be 20 percent liable for an accident that caused their own injuries, then they would only be able to receive 80 percent of the granted damages.

How a Bohemia Catastrophic Injury Attorney Might Help

Severe injuries could be devastating and have a far-reaching impact on your life. While the idea of navigating the legal system may seem daunting — especially as you try and recover — a successful claim might help to ease your financial burden.

No matter how severe your injuries may be, it is still important to build a thorough and persuasive claim for recovery of damages. By retaining a tenacious and caring injury attorney, you could rest assured and focus on your recovery with the knowledge that a legal professional is handling your case.

A Bohemia catastrophic injury lawyer could help by assessing any and all potential costs of medical bills, lost wage, and other associated damages in the fight to help you to secure the compensation for your losses. Whenever you feel ready, reach out to an attorney to schedule your initial consultation.

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