Bohemia Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Victims of sexual abuse have a right to pursue civil complaints against the alleged perpetrator as well as criminal charges. Someone found guilty of criminal sexual misconduct could face fines, probation, jail time, or other types of criminal sanctions. Conversely, if a jury determines that someone accused of sexual abuse in a civil case is liable for the damages caused to the plaintiff, the defendant would owe them monetary compensation.

Taking action against someone who took sexual advantage of you might be overwhelming and emotionally difficult. However, with the help of a compassionate Bohemia sexual abuse lawyer, you may be able to receive the compensation you deserve for what you have gone through. Once retained, a knowledgeable personal injury attorney could be your strongest ally both in and out of court.

The Statute of Limitations on Bohemia Sexual Abuse Case

Individuals that were victims of abuse in their childhood traditionally had only until they were 23 years old to file a civil claim against their abusers. Individuals that were victims as adults had only one year to file a lawsuit against their perpetrators.

Now, that has changed. In February of 2019, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Child Victims Act into law. This extended the statute of limitations for people that were victimized as children until their 55th birthday. In September of 2019, Governor Cuomo also extended the statute of limitations for individuals victimized as adults to 20 years from the date of the abuse.

Also in September of 2019, Governor Cuomo also extended the statute of limitations for filing criminal charges on a number of different sex crimes. All of the new laws ensure that when people are abused, they have much longer to hold their abusers liable and get the justice they deserve.

Sexual Abuse Civil Damages

Damages are the basis for compensation in a civil case, and they represent how the plaintiff’s life has been inconvenienced or negatively affected by the actions of the defendant. A dedicated sexual abuse lawyer in Bohemia could help a victim pursue recovery for damages such as:

  • Physical damages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of consortium
  • Medical and therapy bills

There are no damage caps on the amount of compensation victims could receive for their economic and non-economic damages in the State of New York. Furthermore, a court could award punitive damages, which are meant to punish the defendant and deter future misconduct. The law grants courts the authority to assign punitive damages when defendants have acted with malice or extreme recklessness.

Call a Bohemia Sexual Abuse Attorney Today

If you or a loved one were harmed by sexual abuse, you should be aware of your legal rights. Not only do you have the right to seek criminal charges, but you may also be able to hold the perpetrator liable under civil law.

A Bohemia sexual abuse lawyer could explain your legal rights and options and help you make the best decision for your life going forward. Call today to get your case started.

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