Bohemia Dog Bite Lawyer

According to the Center for Disease Control, 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs every year. Dog bites occur more frequently than you may realize, and it is important to know what to do should a dog attack you. Dog bites need to be taken seriously because even minor bites can lead to serious infection.

If you, your child, or someone you love suffer from injuries due to a dog bite, contact a Bohemia dog bite lawyer to learn more about what you can do. A compassionate attorney understands the uncomfortable fact that it is often our neighbor’s or friend’s dogs that cause injury and they could advise you on the steps needed to file a lawsuit.


Being attacked by a dog is scary and it can be difficult to determine whether the owner of the dog is liable. A Bohemia dog bite lawyer could investigate the circumstances of the following factors:

  • The dog attack resulted in long-term medical issues
  • The dog was unprovoked
  • The attack occurred on public property
  • The dog had a prior history of attacks

If a dog bite attack involves any of the factors above, the injured person may be entitled to file a lawsuit.

Dog Bite Laws in Bohemia

Those who witness or experience a dog bite attack or perceive a threat of such an attack should contact the police or an animal control officer. This is true for pending attacks on people as well as animals. The reason for this is twofold. Obviously, the right thing to do is to report an aggressive animal to protect those from harm in the community. However, the New York court system takes this complaint seriously and may set legal proceedings into motion to determine whether the reported dog is dangerous.

Owners of dangerous dogs are held accountable for all medical and recovery costs for those injured by their dog. Once a dog is considered dangerous, the owner must adhere to a long list of restrictions, especially when the dog is in a public place. For example, dangerous dogs may be required to wear muzzles and be kept on a hand-held leash. If a dangerous dog bites again, seriously injuring or killing people or animals, the owner may also be subject to heavy fines and even imprisonment.

If an injured person can prove that a dog owner was negligent, they may be entitled to additional compensation from a lawsuit. A dog bite attorney in Bohemia could evaluate the details of an attack to locate the evidence that proves the dog owner knew the dog had vicious tendencies and put the injured person in harm’s way.

A Bohemia Dog Bite Attorney Could Help

Dog bite cases are anything but simple and many do not realize the expenses associated with a dog bite injury can more exorbitant than anticipated. Studies have shown that hospital stays related to dog bites are 50 percent costlier than hospitalization due to other types of injuries. This may be because dog bites are prone to infection.

A Bohemia dog bite lawyer could help you or your loved one receive all the care and treatment necessary for your recovery. Work with an experienced attorney to obtain the best possible outcome for your personal circumstances. Call now to begin building your case today.

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