Bay Shore Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction is a notoriously dangerous industry, and if you suffered an injury while on a worksite, you may have a right to financial compensation. After a devastating worksite incident, though, protecting your legal interests may seem daunting.

Fortunately, a dedicated Bay Shore construction accident lawyer can help you defend your rights and, if applicable, pursue financial compensation from negligent parties. Once retained, a seasoned workers’ compensation attorney could provide valuable insight into obtaining reimbursement for your injuries.

New York Construction Liability Laws

Like most states, New York has workers’ compensation laws designed to ensure benefits for employees injured on the job. Most Bay Shore businesses are required to pay into the compensation system, which covers the costs of the insurance that ultimately pays out on these claims.

The downside to this is that the benefits through the compensation system are typically all that is available, as worker’s compensation laws prevent an injured employee from filing a lawsuit against their employer for additional damages. However, state law does allow an injured worker to file suit and seek recovery directly from owners and contractors under certain circumstances.

What is the Reasonable Care Law?

New York Labor Laws §200 requires employers to use reasonable care when maintaining a safe work site. This section codifies a long-standing common law requirement that has protected Bay Shore workers for years. Business owners who do not take steps to ensure the safety of their workers could be held liable in a civil suit with the help of a knowledgeable Bay Shore construction accident attorney.

Scaffolding Law

Known as the Scaffolding Law, NY Lab L §240 allows workers injured on scaffolds, ropes, pulleys, or similar devices to seek compensation from a property owner, contractor, or other agents. Recovery in these cases is often possible even when negligence cannot be proven.

Equipment Maintenance

Finally, NY Lab L §241(6) requires property owners and contractors to comply with the New York State Industrial Code. Specifically, this statute mandates employers to ensure the maintenance and working order of construction equipment, elevators, dumbwaiters, escalators, hoists, and more in factories and commercial properties. Any violation thereof could lead to a lawsuit on behalf of an injured construction worker.

Who Could be the Responsible Party in a Construction Accident Lawsuit?

State labor laws are specific when it comes to the potential defendants in a construction accident lawsuit. If a worker suffers an injury which qualifies under any of the aforementioned laws, a lawsuit may be appropriate against the business owner, the contractors, or agents of either.

Access to a larger pool of potential defendants can be extremely valuable during litigation. Different defendants may have differing levels of insurance coverage, and adding a new party to a suit could open up access to funds that might otherwise be unavailable. Identifying the proper parties to seek compensation from is one of the primary roles of a dedicated construction accident lawyer in Bay Shore and can be the difference in whether an injured plaintiff obtains compensation or not.

Speak with a Skilled Bay Shore Construction Accident Attorney Today

If you suffered a severe injury from a worksite incident, a Bay Shore construction accident lawyer could guide you through the necessary steps to pursue monetary compensation from the property owner or contractor. Not every type of accident allows for the recovery of damages under state law, so call today and have your questions answered.

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