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A doctor who prescribes medication to ease a patient’s pain or otherwise treat a medical condition should know whether it is safe for them to use. While all medications have side effects, some drugs are dangerous can have devastating consequences if they are prescribed or taken incorrectly. If you suffered harm after taking prescription or over-the-counter drugs, you should consult a tenacious personal injury attorney for legal advice.

Medication which adversely interacts with another drug you are taking can cause your medical condition to worsen or an unanticipated side effect that leads to more injuries or even death. Regardless of the circumstances which led to your injuries, you should seek guidance from a diligent Bay Shore dangerous drugs lawyer to explore your options for legal recourse.

How Dangerous Drugs Lead to Injuries

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires drug manufacturers to conduct clinical trials, drug trials, and other research before approving a new medication for public use. It is also the responsibility of manufacturers to disclose any known side effects of a drug and warn consumers about potential dangers. A drug manufacturer who fails to disclose a medication’s risks could be held liable if it causes harm to consumers who take it as instructed.

Some manufacturers do not conduct adequate research and trials before placing a drug on the market. As a result, side effects that a drug company did not anticipate or see during limited research may arise and inflict injuries on consumers. Circumstances such as these can form the basis of a successful claim for damages.

Additionally, some drug companies may attempt to exploit certain loopholes in the FDA’s approval process. For example, if a similar medication is already on the market, a manufacturer may be able to gain expedited approval from the FDA for their poorly tested drug, which can increase the risk of harm to consumers who take the latter. A dedicated Bay Shore dangerous drugs attorney could help investigate a company’s actions to determine whether they manipulated any regulations to turn a profit at a patient’s expense.

Examples of Hazardous Narcotics

All prescription drugs must come with warnings about potential side effects and symptoms. However, drugs may cause unexpected adverse reactions when a  doctor prescribes them for off-label uses or is unaware of how they may affect an individual.

Birth control pills may increase the risk of blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes. Hormone replacement therapy can also cause blood clots and breast cancer, and some dietary supplements may lead to kidney or liver failure. Additionally, prescription painkillers could lead to addiction and, ultimately, heart problems.

These narcotics and many others which have caused harm to patients could form the basis of a successful claim for damages. Fortunately, a seasoned dangerous drugs lawyer in Bay Shore may be able to pursue compensation on behalf of consumers who have suffered injuries due to pharmaceutical companies’ negligence. Reach out to an accomplished attorney for help with filing a claim.

Consult a Bay Shore Dangerous Drugs Attorney Today

If you suffered injuries from taking dangerous drugs, you may be unable to work or require additional medical treatment that you did not anticipate. Taking on big drug companies in court is no easy task and may require professional legal guidance. While you focus on your physical and emotional recovery, a knowledgeable Bay Shore dangerous drugs lawyer could review your situation and determine whether you can file a claim due for the injuries you sustained after taking a hazardous medication. For help with your case, call today and schedule an appointment.

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