Bay Shore Bullying Lawyer

You and your loved ones deserve an environment at school or work that is safe and free from harassment. While authorities have not always treated bullying seriously, New York law enforcement and lawmakers have made strides in recent years to address the issue through changes in legislation.

However, when a bully goes too far and hurts someone, a personal injury attorney might be your best option for seeking justice through monetary compensation. If your goal is to hold a bully in your life accountable, a Bay Shore bullying lawyer might be able to help.

What Is Bullying?

Legally speaking, bullying entails intentionally intimidating someone in the form of coercion, threats, or use of force. While bullying may often involve physical abuse, it can also be psychological in nature. It can also stem from just one person or from multiple parties at once.

At School

Classmate harassment which takes place in an educational setting can occur with students of any age, and may quickly escalate from verbal and emotional abuse to physical attacks. School staff members are responsible for protecting students from bullying and could be held responsible if it happens on their watch.

In the Workplace

While the media focus primarily on school bullying, it can happen in the workplace as well. Workplace bullying is any pattern of mistreatment within a work environment which leads an employee to suffer emotional or physical harm. This type of harassment can be especially harmful in cases where the bully is in a superior position to the victim.

Furthermore, many bullies learn how to intimidate others without violating any company policies. The workplace should be free of intimidation and injury, and a skilled bullying lawyer in Bay Shore may be able to help you hold your assailant legally liable.


Not all bullying takes place in person. In the digital age, bullies often take advantage of the internet’s anonymity to harass their victims from afar. Any use of the internet to inflict emotional distress or harass can be considered cyberbullying and could be grounds for legal action.

What Does the Dignity for All Students Act Outline?

In 2010, the state of New York took steps to combat school bullying through legislation known as the Dignity for All Students Act. Better known as The Dignity Act, or DASA, this legislation creates guidelines for students and schools with the intention of promoting an educational environment free of harassment.

DASA also establishes certain reporting requirements after bullying incidents take place. For example, principals and superintendents are required to submit an oral report within 24 hours of an incident, or a written report within two days. Every bullying victim is entitled to a copy of any relevant report issued by the school district.

If a lawsuit is filed as a result of injuries caused by a bullying incident, a school’s report can be critical to litigation and may provide useful information that helps identify witnesses. It could also highlight any policy violations made by school administrators, which could help a victim hold the school itself liable for failing to protect students.

Call a Bay Shore Bullying Attorney for Assistance

If you or a member of your family experienced bullying at school or in the workplace, you do not have to accept further mistreatment. You have the right to pursue monetary damages for any injuries you suffered because of someone else’s actions. Call today to learn how a Bay Shore bullying lawyer could help.

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