Bay Shore Dog Bite Lawyer

A dog bite can be painful, require intense medical treatment, and cause emotional trauma to a victim. If you suffered injuries due to a dog bite, you may have a valid claim for damages. An experienced personal injury lawyer can be instrumental in determining the nature of your dog bite claim and the extent to which you may be able to recover damages.

A dog owner could be held liable for any injuries their pet causes. A skilled Bay Shore dog bite lawyer could evaluate your situation and determine the best strategy for recovering your losses in a civil suit.

Dog Bite Laws in Bay Shore

Bay Shore dog owners are required by state law to cover the costs of medical treatment for injuries that their pets cause during an attack. This strict liability standard makes a dog owner’s awareness of their animal’s aggression or lack thereof legally irrelevant. Regardless of the circumstances which surround a dog bite, an injured victim may recover compensation for their medical expenses from the animal’s owner.

However, injured claimants who wish to seek additional damages related to a dog bite must provide evidence that its owner’s negligence caused the incident. More specifically, a compensatory award depends on whether an owner was aware of the vicious or dangerous propensities of their dog. If a claimant can establish that a dog owner was aware of their pet’s aggressive nature but still failed to take proper precautions to protect others from harm, they maybe be able to recover monetary damages.

Proving that owners know that their dogs may be dangerous is not always a simple task. The guidance of a knowledgeable Bay Shore dog attack attorney may be necessary to establish a dog owner’s negligence.

Qualifying a Dangerous Dog

State law characterizes a dog as dangerous if it attacks another person without justification and subsequently causes serious injuries or death, or if it has a known propensity for viciousness evidenced by a prior unjustified attack. A dog also may be considered dangerous under this definition if it causes serious injuries or death to another animal without justification.

Under New York Agriculture & Markets Law §123(10), the owner of a dangerous dog would be strictly liable for any medical expenses which result from their pet attacking or biting others, in addition to civil penalties. They may also be responsible if their dog attacks and injures other animals. A dedicated canine bite lawyer in Bay Shore could help determine whether a dog was designated as dangerous before attacking an injured claimant and hold its owner responsible.

Consult a Bay Shore Dog Bite Attorney Today

It may be difficult to recover from the physical and emotional trauma which follows a canine attack, and the subsequent scars can be disfiguring and permanent. Medical care can be expensive, especially if a dog bite necessitates multiple surgeries, skin grafts, or other types of long-term treatment.

You should contact a steadfast Bay Shore dog bite lawyer to learn about your legal options for pursuing negligent owners. Obtaining compensation from the owners of the dog that injured you can make a substantial difference in your financial burdens while you focus on recovering from your injuries. Since you only have a limited timeframe in which to file a claim, you should call today to get started on your case.

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