Bay Shore Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Being involved in an accident which is caused by someone else’s reckless behavior can be overwhelming, especially when it results in catastrophic injuries. If your damages from an incident are potentially permanent, you could benefit from the guidance of a dedicated personal injury attorney. You should retain a steadfast Bay Shore catastrophic injury lawyer who could help you initiate litigation against potentially liable parties in order to receive compensation for your losses.

What Defines a Catastrophic Injury?

State law does not offer a formal definition of catastrophic injuries, but they generally involve long-term or permanent conditions. These injuries may require intense medical treatment and home modifications to accommodate new limitations. An accident which is caused by another party’s negligence that results in significant or permanent disability could form the basis of a successful civil claim with the help of a skilled Bay Shore catastrophic injury attorney.

What Damages are Available for Catastrophically Injured Claimants?

There are several types of damages an injured claimant may recover in a catastrophic injury claim. The Bay Shore legal system allows those who are injured by other people’s recklessness to seek compensation for their losses, such as economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages have a measurable value which may be determined by compiling and reviewing relevant documents. Examples of economic damages include lost wages and hospital bills. Non-economic damages would be awarded to compensate intangible losses such as pain and suffering as well as emotional distress. A seasoned lawyer could help victims calculate damages following an accident.

Medical Costs

A plaintiff has the right to pursue compensation to cover medical costs related to their injury. In addition to prior medical bills, a lawsuit may also seek damages for anticipated future medical expenses.

Lost Wages and Diminished Earning Capacity

Catastrophic injuries can cause a person to miss work for extended periods. A civil claim may seek to recover an injured person’s lost wages. While lost wage claims help make up for paychecks that have already been missed, damages for diminished future earning capacity are designed to compensate a plaintiff for the wages they will lose in the future due to a catastrophic injury.

Pain and Suffering

An injured claimant in a catastrophic injury case has the right to pursue damages for the physical pain they suffer as a result of an accident. While determining the exact monetary value of pain and suffering can be challenging, a diligent Bay Shore lawyer who has experience with catastrophic injury cases should have the skills necessary to help you identify a suitable amount.

Permanent Disability

Severe injuries may result in life-long consequences. A person who is unable to fulfill their own needs because of disabling condition which resulted from an avoidable accident can seek compensation for the assistance they may need on a daily basis. A compensatory award can include home installations of necessary medical equipment as well as funds to hire full-time caregivers.

Contact a Bay Shore Catastrophic Injury Attorney as Soon as Possible

Thoroughly investigating a catastrophic injury accident is critical, and evidence may become harder to obtain as time passes. Preparing for litigation takes a lot of focus and determination, so it is best to contact a seasoned Bay Shore catastrophic injury lawyer to improve your chances of success. For help with pursuing compensation to help facilitate your recovery, schedule an initial consultation today.

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