Bay Shore Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

A pedestrian who is struck by a car is far more likely to suffer catastrophic injuries than the motor vehicle operator or their passengers. Pedestrians have no protection against the forceful impact of a motor vehicle and typically sustain the brunt of most collisions. Careless drivers who inflict harm on pedestrians could be held accountable with the help of a skilled personal injury attorney.

An essential element to a pedestrian accident claim is establishing one or more parties’ negligence as the direct cause of your losses. A seasoned Bay Shore pedestrian accident lawyer could help you gather important evidence to support your claim.

Driver Liability

All licensed drivers are legally obligated to follow traffic laws and ensure the safety of others. Motor vehicle operators who violate this legal duty of care may be liable for any injuries caused by their reckless behavior. Negligence in pedestrian accidents comes in many forms, but some of the most common examples thereof include:

Furthermore, children under the age of ten are especially vulnerable to pedestrian accidents because they lack the better judgment for avoiding collisions. As a result, drivers must exercise extreme caution when traveling through areas where children are likely to be present, such as school zones and residential neighborhoods.

However, determining negligence and allocating fault in a personal injury action may not be as straightforward as it may initially seem. A well-versed Bay Shore pedestrian incident attorney may have the skill and experience necessary to establish an at-fault driver’s negligence and obtain compensation for your injuries.

Steps to Take Following a Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrians who sustain injuries from the impact of a motor vehicle should contact law enforcement and remain at the scene of the accident until they arrive to make a police report. Doing so may preserve crucial evidence which could otherwise be lost or destroyed over time.

It is also advisable to collect personal information from those who were involved in or witnessed the collision, including their names, addresses, telephone numbers, and insurance information. Perhaps most importantly, seeking the services of a Bay Shore lawyer who is familiar with pedestrian collision claims can be critical to recovering compensation for any injuries sustained in a crash.

Seek Advice from a Bay Shore Pedestrian Accident Attorney Today

The busy streets of Bay Shore can be dangerous and even fatal for local pedestrians. Those who walk to their destinations are extremely vulnerable to severe injuries in the event of a collision, as they have no protection from the impact of a motor vehicle. Enlisting the assistance of a Bay Shore pedestrian accident lawyer can be essential to an injured person’s ability to hold negligent drivers responsible for their careless actions.

If you were struck by a car, you should consult with legal counsel to learn more about whether you have grounds to bring a civil claim against the driver who caused your injuries. To get started on your case, call today.

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