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Deck Collapse Causes Injuries

Posted on Sep 13, 2016

deckingDeck collapses can cause very serious injury or even death. In East Setauket, NY, residents have become concerned about bad construction in student housing after a deck collapse that left two people hurt on Friday night.

Residents are worried that the home may have been illegally converted from a single-family dwelling into multiple apartments for students of Stony Brook University who were unable to find housing.

When interviewed by local media, the homeowner said that he had rented the house to four people. Authorities indicate that the party was attended by as many as 400 people. Partygoers were celebrating move-in for Stony Brook University.

A representative for Stony Brook University said in a statement, "The safety and security of our students is a number-one priority.”

While that may be the official word from the University, local resident Alan Steinberg says that because of the lack of student housing many homes in the area are illegally being turned into apartment buildings. Steinberg believes that Stony Brook University should stop admitting more students than it can provide housing for.

According to Steinberg, one home in the area had been converted into as many as 17 apartments. Residents are worried about increased parking concerns, issues with noise, as well as a decrease in their property values. There is also a concern for potential fire hazard issues for the students who are living in the converted buildings.

Stony Brook University currently has 25,000 students enrolled this semester with housing available for only 10,000 students. Even though the university does have more dorms under construction, the problem of no available on-campus housing remains an issue. Stony Brook University officials have warned students to avoid illegal housing.

This isn't the only deck collapse that has happened recently. At Trinity College in Connecticut, 30 people were injured in a similar deck collapse. This deck was owned by the college as part of off-campus housing and managed by a private company. A later inspection found it to be old and non-structural.

For anyone who has kids in college or has attended themselves, they know that the cost of higher education can be expensive. One of the priciest things that students pay for every semester is housing. If housing is unavailable or expensive, there may be a temptation to just get anything that is available.

That is why going through student housing or finding an apartment or housing unit that is properly constructed and maintained is so important. The property owner, in this case, does potentially face liabilities. Decks are exposed to the elements and if it was improperly built or was not adequately cared for, those who were hurt can sue.

Having a Long Island personal injury attorney to help protect your rights when you have been hurt is important.

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