Long Island Negligent Security Lawyer

If you have been seriously injured due to a crime that should have been prevented on another’s property, do not hesitate to reach out to a knowledgeable Long Island negligence security lawyer who can inform you of your rights in the situation. Property owners have different duties of care to the individuals who enter their premises, and if they violate those obligations by failing to take proper security measures to protect them, property owners can be held liable for one’s resulting injuries. Read on to learn more about how a dedicated injury attorney could work to make a difference in your case today.

Where Can Negligent Security Issues Occur?

Issues of security can come up in a myriad of locations, including schools, bars, nightclubs, and stores. When determining whether or not one’s security was carried out in a negligent manner, a professional Long Island negligent security lawyer will examine the type of case based on the location of the crime and look at a variety of factors. These could include whether there was any type of security provided at all, whether that security was performed correctly, and if the owner of the property should have taken further measures to protect the individuals they knew would be there.

Preventable Crime

Foreseeable harm involves a scenario where a reasonable individual could have seen that something could clearly lead to an individual’s injuries on one’s property. If a property owner is given notice that there is a security issue or violence issue on a location it is foreseeable to cause physical harm to somebody, that could constitute a foreseeable harm or crime. Security employees should able to assess the situation and determine what could happen if they do not take steps to warn or remove the people who are causing the problem.

With a specific situation like a bar, the bar owner has a duty to maintain a reasonably safe bar. If a customer is causing problems and the owner or security personnel are made aware of that, they are obligated to take action to rectify the problem. If they do nothing and the customer who was causing the problems assaults somebody, there is a responsibility against the owner or the security company for failing to take proper steps to prevent that harm from happening. A skilled Long Island negligent security lawyer can work to hold these individuals liable for their actions.

Necessary Levels of Security

In any situation where there are people mixing together, depending on the activity, different levels of security should be applied. If the nightclub is known to have a lot of violence involved with bringing weapons such as knives or guns, maybe there should be a metal detector at the door to the nightclub. If the nightclub has never had that type of problem, maybe they just need security personnel as people enter.

Each situation changes depending on the prior history of the area, such as whether there has been a lot of criminal activity that should have heightened an owner’s responsibility to provide more security. The owner of the property, the management company for the property, and the security company that is hired to work for them to provide security at the location include all of the parties that could potentially be held liable by a skilled Long Island negligent security lawyer.

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