Long Island Commercial Property Premises Liability Lawyer

If you were injured on a commercial property, know that you do not have to face all of your medical expenses alone. A professional Long Island commercial property premises liability lawyer could assist you in recovering injury compensation for your damages if you believe they resulted from negligence on the part of the property owner. Become acquainted with the following information to learn more about how a skilled injury attorney could offer you their assistance today.

What Constitutes Commercial Property?

A commercial property is a place where business transactions take place that involves either selling or buying goods to make money and generate income for the property owner. This property cannot be a place of residence, otherwise, it would be considered private property. In this way, commercial property liability would be an accident occurring on commercial property in which the property owner, whether that be an individual or business corporation, contributed to the cause of that accident through an act of negligence.

Safety Requirements

The first thing a professional Long Island commercial property premises liability lawyer will investigate after an accident was the property owner’s inspection routine. This includes how often they patrol the property and/or check it for dangerous conditions. For example, bathrooms are frequently placed on commercial properties and will have a checklist offered on the back of the door stating when the area was last cleaned and checked. In order to show that they are acting with a reasonable duty of care, a commercial property owner will want to show that they are actively looking for problems in order to keep their premises safe.

Long Island’s Statute of Limitations

Generally, all negligence cases in Long Island have a three-year statute of limitations, whether they are on commercial property or in a car. The only time they will be limited in a lesser manner would be if they involved municipal properties or governmental properties where different rules may apply. A notice of claim must be exchanged upon a municipality usually within 90 days of the occurrence. If it is not, an individual cannot bring a lawsuit against that municipality in the future. If an individual’s claim is rejected by the opposing party’s insurance company, an individual must go to court within this three-year period if they still wish to receive injury compensation. Contact a dedicated injury attorney to learn more.

Working with a Long Island Commercial Property Premises Liability Lawyer

When considering bringing a case against a commercial property owner, an individual will always want to ensure that they have the correct property designation. This means that the property cannot be considered public or private–it must be commercial. If the type of property is not correctly determined, this could seriously affect a case because there are separate rules assigned to each property type and an individual could potentially have no right to bring any claim depending on how those rules fit with their accident’s circumstances. For this reason, an experienced Long Island commercial property premises liability lawyer can be a valuable asset in assisting with filing an injury claim. Do not hesitate to reach out to a weathered Long Island commercial property premises liability lawyer today for your initial consultation.

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