Long Island Private Property Premises Liability Lawyer

If you have been injured on someone’s private property, you may want to consider retaining professional representation from a Long Island private property premises liability lawyer. A skilled injury attorney could offer you their assistance by gathering evidence and interviewing key witnesses to help establish liability for the party at fault. Read on to learn more about how a dedicated Long Island private property premises liability lawyer could offer you their assistance today.

What Constitutes Private Property?

Private property must be owned by an individual who does not use that land for commercial enterprises. This means that the area cannot be used as a place for buying and selling merchandise. The most common example of private property would include a residential area such as a neighboorhood with multiple homes. Each home and its surrounding yard areas would be considered private property. While all property owners have the right to defend their case if someone brings a claim against them for an injury, they also owe their guests a specific duty of care.

The duty of care is the amount of care that should be given to a reasonable individual in order to protect them from harm. However, know that a private property owner would not be held to a standard as high as a commercial property owner as there would not be nearly as many individuals visiting and using the area as compared to a large mall or movie theater. Contact a weathered injury lawyer to learn more.

Establishing Liability

If both the defendant and the plaintiff are responsible for the accident because they did not act reasonably, the situation could yield a 50/50 case. In a 50/50 case, both parties are found to be equally at fault in causing the accident, and neither would be eligible to pursue injury compensation. Liability could be further broken down in circumstances where there may be multiple owners of a private property.

In an instance where someone was injured in another’s apartment, the landlord may be held responsible in addition to the resident leasing out the apartment if there was a dangerous condition involved that should have been maintained ahead of time. In complicated cases where there may be multiple defendants involved, a qualified Long Island private property premises liability lawyer can help.

Impacts on Case Development

In scenarios where someone’s property would be more likely to draw others to it, that property owner would have a higher duty of care to keep the area safe. For example, owning a pool could potentially attract very young children who do not know how to swim and wandered off without their parent’s supervision.

If that private property owner did not have a fence around the pool to keep others out, they may be held liable if a child were to fall in and sustain injuries. This can highlight the importance of retaining an experienced Long Island private property premises liability lawyer who is knowledgeable about the relevant laws and can offer their assistance in bringing an injury claim.

If you wish to pursue compensation for an injury that occurred on private property, consider reaching out to a compassionate Long Island private property premises liability today for your initial consultation.

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