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Escalator Injury Accident Lawyer

escalator accident lawyerWhile there are many more elevators than escalators in the United States, escalators account for about 15 times more accidents and injuries. These accidents are often due to either falls off of the escalator or fingers, feet and other body parts getting caught in the movable parts. These accidents are especially common in children under the age of 5, so it is important for parents to help them on and off and ensure that they keep their fingers and feet away from the gears in the moving side rail and wall.

Regular Escalator Inspection and Maintenance is Vital

When escalators are not regularly inspected, kept up to code and properly maintained for safe operation, accidents become far more likely to occur.  Whether it’s from broken parts, dust and debris buildup in the mechanism, or a flaw in the design, injuries that result from poorly maintained escalators can be very serious. They include:

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