Nassau County Bullying Lawyer

Bullying is no longer considered just an inescapable part of life. Thanks to recent legislation and new interpretations by courts, many actions that are considered bullying or harassment are now illegal, and those responsible may face criminal charges or incur civil liability.

There are avenues available to provide compensation to those who have suffered emotional, psychological, or physical harm from bullying or harassment in Nassau County. However, the laws applicable to harassment and bullying situations are complex and come from a variety of sources.

Experienced bullying attorneys are familiar with the different laws and legal theories accepted by courts to protect the victims of bullying. If someone in your family has suffered from bullying or harassment, it may be a good idea to speak with a Nassau County bullying lawyer to find out what your options may be for dealing with the effects of mistreatment. En Español.

Harassment and Bullying Can Occur in Many Ways

While the stereotypical bully may harass a student for lunch money on the playground at school, in real life bullying is often much subtler. Moreover, it can occur not just in school, but in the workplace and, thanks to mobile communications, virtually anywhere within reach of the internet.

Conduct that constitutes bullying can violate numerous different laws depending on the setting and type of action involved. Some examples of illegal bullying or harassment include:

  • A student spreading malicious and false stories about another student on social media
  • An employer failing to provide reasonable accommodation for religious observances
  • A co-worker menacing a fellow employee repeatedly on the way to work
  • Someone tripping another person or otherwise playing a prank that causes physical harm
  • A boss or co-worker repeatedly making comments or jokes about the sex, race, religion, or disability of an employee

What are the Harmful Effects of Bullying?

Bullying is generally defined as harmful verbal or non-verbal actions which create a hostile environment that interferes with an individual’s performance or opportunities or impairs their physical, emotional, or mental well-being.

Harmful effects that can result from bullying include high blood pressure, stress and stress headaches, digestive disorders, depression, compromised immunity, loss of sleep and fatigue, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

When these effects require medical or psychological treatment, it makes sense that the responsible party should be required to bear the costs. A Nassau County bullying lawyer can help ensure that victims of bullying do not face the added burden of paying for expensive treatment needed to bring about recovery.

What are the Laws Against Bullying and Harassment?

Harassment and bullying behavior are addressed by several state and federal laws. U.S. laws prohibit discrimination based on age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, marital status, or disability.

More locally, the state of New York has enacted legislation prohibiting bullying and harassment in school or in settings that may affect the school environment. These laws also specifically prohibit cyberbullying. Referred to as the Dignity for All Students Act, this legislation requires schools to take proactive action to prevent and stop bullying. If they fail in this duty, legal action may be appropriate.

Other laws that may apply in bullying situations include criminal and civil laws involving harassment, stalking, menacing, and other harmful practices.

How a Nassau County Bullying Lawyer Can Help

If you or someone in your family is suffering because of bullying behavior, there are steps you can take to help. First, be sure to keep a detailed account of every incident, written down or recorded as close to each occurrence as possible. Your records could provide evidence to be used in court or other proceedings.

Next, file complaints where appropriate, whether with the school or in the workplace. In addition, check the written policies of the school or employer to see whether policies on harassment and bullying are being complied with.

Finally, consider enlisting an experienced Nassau County bullying lawyer who could advise you of your rights, help ensure those rights are protected and work to obtain any compensation to which you may be entitled.

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