Nassau County Workers’ Compensation Lawyer 

People expect a reasonably safe environment when they enter the workplace. However, danger can happen anywhere: a slip and fall at the office, a robbery at your banking job.

While some occupations are inherently more hazardous than ever, employees expect– and the law requires– all employers to take reasonable measures to ensure the safety of their employees. There are, inevitably, hazards that fall out of an employer’s control. Thus, in every state, employers are expected to provide workers’ compensation insurance in some form or other. The reality is, however, this is not a guarantee that you will be covered for all required care or lost wages.

Experienced Nassau County workers’ compensation lawyers see these cases quickly become complex and confusing for workplace accident victims. In the midst of this confusion, insurance providers will attempt to have injured workers settle for the lowest amount possible. This is simply their job, to save their companies money. If you or a loved one are injured in the workplace, speak to a seasoned injury lawyer as early as possible, to ensure you receive fair treatment and the compensation you deserve. En Español.

Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Work injury law varies from state to state. If someone sustained their injury in Nassau County, there are a few crucial facts to know. First, in order to receive compensation, people will be expected to prove that their injury was a direct result of the work they were doing. In many cases, workers’ compensation lawyers will see insurance providers try to attribute a worker’s injury to a preexisting condition, even when it is clear this is not the case.

An individual may have sustained back injury years ago, but the fact that they fell at work and are unable to walk the next day is no coincidence. Attorneys will ensure it is not treated as such. Also, people should know that they will be expected to submit to a medical exam. While this is typically referred to as an independent medical examination, that name may be misleading. The examiner is not independent at all, as they are hired by the employer’s insurance company.

Therefore, they work in the insurance company’s best interest, which is to pay plaintiffs as little as possible. The examiner’s job is not necessarily to discern the truth but to see if they can discredit the claim.  If they can at all report that the injured party is lying or exaggerating, they will. It will take the work of an experienced, qualified Nassau County workers’ compensation attorney to combat these allegations against their client.

Common Work Injury Cases

Nassau County work injury lawyers know that every case is unique, like every employee. Attorneys have helped professionals across extremely diverse fields, including:

  • Firefighters
  • Movers and shippers
  • Dock workers
  • Cosmetologists
  • Bakers

People may not think of some of these jobs as particularly dangerous, but they do have risks. There are incidents of bakers developing asthma and other respiratory conditions from inhaling flour.

Cosmetologists also inhale dangerous particles such as acrylics and formaldehyde. Anyone can be subject to a work injury. Whatever the case, lawyers are here to help clients get the compensation they deserve.

Contacting a Nassau County Workers’ Compensation Attorney

It can be difficult to go from working somewhere, enjoying what you do, having a routine — or simply having the stability of a regular paycheck — to being too injured to work. Retraining for a new career takes time if you are able to work anywhere in the aftermath. Furthermore, medical bills and costs of care can add to the strain and diminish your recovery. Contact a qualified Nassau County workers’ compensation lawyer who can fight for you.

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