Safety and Preventative Measures to Avoid a Motorcycle Accident in Long Island

While the aftermath of a motorcycle accident case is investigated similarly to those conducted for a car or truck crash, the preventative measures taken for motorcyclists is much different than other motorists, due to how dangerous motorbikes can be.

There are many safety and preventative measures a Long Island motorcycle rider should take, and taking time to follow them could save your life in the case of an accident. Experienced motorcycle crash lawyers want you to be safe on the roadways, but if you are involved in a crash, they could help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Preventative Measures to Take Before Getting on a Motorcycle

Fully protective clothing and helmets are the best precautions motorcyclists can take to prevent severe or deadly injuries in case of an accident. If the biker is thrown off their vehicle, the friction and impact once they hit the ground could cause devastating injury or even death. Bikers should wear helmets and protective gear that can withstand impacts, such as full-leather jackets, full-length pants, gloves, and eyewear to have the lowest risk for harm. Wearing leather protects a biker from receiving skin injuries in the event of a crash that ejects them from their motorcycle because the animal skin material is tough to penetrate and rip.

Motorcyclists should check the lights, gears, and brakes on their motorcycles before riding them. It is their responsibility to make sure their bike is working in accordance with the traffic laws of Long Island.  For example, safety protocol dictates that if a motorcyclists’ signals are not working correctly, and they have no other way of signaling, they must use hand signals to turn left and right. Otherwise, motorcyclists should dedicate both hands to steering for optimal safety.

Safety Measures to Take While Riding a Motorcycle

Motorcycle riders should maintain appropriate speeds just as other motorists do and wear proper safety gear. If they sense that an accident is about to happen, properly functioning brakes can help them reduce the impact and potentially save them from suffering severe injuries. When officials examine the motor vehicle and the scene of the accident to determine the cause, they may look for signs of defectiveness with the motorcycle. If the bike has any defects, it could impact a liability claim if a victim wanted to file one.

A motorcyclist can best protect themselves from being involved in a crash with another vehicle on Long Island by breaking at proper times, sounding their horn to alert other drivers, and steering away from cars who veer into their lane. Because motorcyclists have less protection than passengers in cars and can be quickly ejected, they should stay focused on the road, be vigilant at all times, and avoid other drivers’ blind spots.

Automobile Driver Precautions to Prevent a Motorcycle Accident in Long Island

To prevent motorcycle accidents, drivers should keep their eyes on the road, be aware of any motorcyclists around them, and practice safe driving habits. Long Island drivers can help prevent motorcycle accidents by being cognizant of motorcyclists and keeping a safe distance when following behind or riding aside them on the road.

As always, drivers should adhere to the speed regulations, but even more so around bikers, because speed can increase both the risk of an accident and the risk for serious injury if a crash does occur.

Protecting Passengers on a Bike

While passengers are riding on a motorcycle on Long Island, motorcyclists should ensure their passengers have the same protective gear they do and that their passengers are not doing anything with their hands that might prevent the rider from staying focused. Bike passengers should sit close to the driver, avoid excessive movement, and wear a helmet.

In the Event of a Motorcycle Accident, a Long Island Attorney Could Help You

Regardless of the safety and preventative measures you take, operating a motorcycle in Long Island will carry a risk of an accident and resulting in personal injury. If you have were involved in a motorcycle accident, a lawyer could help you receive the recovery you deserve. Consult a legal advocate for advice on your collision case today.

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