Out-of-State Motorcyclists in Long Island

One of the most appealing aspects of owning a motorcycle is the freedom to travel to other states cheaper and with less belongings than a car. Whether for business or personal reasons, the flexibility a motorcycle allows is cherished by impassioned bikers everywhere.

Along with the freedom, there is a responsibility for motorcyclists traveling out-of-state to learn how laws and roadways differ from their own state and how their insurance coverage operates elsewhere in the event of an accident. While out-of-state motorcyclists visiting Long Island should always adhere to the rules of the road as they would anywhere else, they should be aware of the differences so they can prevent an accident or know what to do if a crash does occur.

Traveling on Long Island Roadways

Out-of-state bikers may not be familiar with the roads or the driving in Long Island. Motorcyclists should always be on the lookout for other bikers while riding, as there may be a lot on the busy streets speeding down roads that run parallel to the long stretches of beach. Bikers who are new to the area should prepare themselves for local motorcyclists who might ride at high speeds on highways both during non-rush and heavy traffic hours.

All bikers should take measures to avoid injuries, such as maintaining proper speed, wearing protective gear such as leather clothing and a helmet, and being aware of their surroundings. This is especially important for visitors who are unfamiliar with the area.

Out-of-State Motorcyclist Accident Insurance Coverage

All motorcycle insurance policies cover bikers when they travel from state to state, but their policy might not maintain the same coverage in a different area. Visitors to Long Island should be aware that if they are involved in a motorcycle accident, their policy’s minimum amount of insurance might not be as high as the required coverage in New York, which is $25,000. For example, a motorcyclist from Connecticut may have the minimum coverage of $15,000. If their insurance company does not do business in New York, that $15,000 may be all the coverage available to protect policyholders, even though the requirement in New York is higher. If their insurance company does do business in New York, however, bikers should already have $25,000 of coverage.

Out-of-state motorcyclists and their passengers should maintain New York’s standard of liability coverage and confirm that their insurance company does business in the state. Motorcyclists should have good underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage to protect themselves against other drivers who do not have the New York minimum or who do not have any insurance at all. Underinsurance coverage is optional in New York, but uninsured motorist coverage is required, although it only pays for damages after the at-fault driver’s insurance is depleted.

Defense against a Long Island Motorcycle Accident in Long Island

It is important to be aware that operating a motorcycle out of state cannot be used as a defense if a motorcycle rider has been found at-fault for an accident in Long Island. Conversely, just as a motorcyclist traveling to New York’s insurance travels with them, a New York driver’s coverage follows them. Their coverage stays with them even if they are involved in a car or motorcycle accident, so it is important a biker understands their own policies before traveling out of their home state.

A Long Island motorcycle accident lawyer could help an out-of-state motorcyclist determine how their insurance coverage applies to their collision case. Consult an attorney to discuss legal options today.

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