Long Island Motorcycle Accident Factors

motorcycle accident

Nearly every day we read about a motorcycle accident somewhere on Long Island and unfortunately these accidents very often turn into horrific injuries. That is because motorcyclists aren’t nearly as protected as car drivers. Our office’s counsel numerous motorcycle accident victims with very important information. In fact, most often our clients are stunned at what we tell them.

Important Motorcycle Claim Facts

  1. Motorcycle drivers are excluded from having no-fault insurance: In New York, every victim of a car accident gets automatic insurance coverage. It does not matter if the accident was all your fault if you are a victim of a car accident you are entitled to “no-fault” insurance benefits. This is not the case with motorcycle accident victims. If you are a victim of a motorcycle accident, which means if you were driving a motorcycle when it was involved in an accident, you are not entitled to no-fault benefits. If you are lucky enough to have private insurance, then you may be covered. But what happens if you don’t have insurance? This is why it is so important for motorcycle accident victims to contact a lawyer. Depending on your circumstances your lawyer will present you with options to help with the treatment of your injuries.
  2. You can sue for any injury that may not be as serious as no-fault injuries: Motorcycle accident victims are not covered by no-fault’s strict serious injury thresholds, therefore motorcycle accident drivers can sue for any injury, no matter how minor. So while car accident victims must have a serious injury to sue for pain and suffering (and that’s where the greater money is) victims of motorcycle accidents don’t need to pass any test. That means you can sue for a scratch on your toe. Of course, most good lawyers won’t be running after small injuries but most lawyers will take cases with smaller injuries if it’s a motorcycle accident.
  3. You are not a favorite in the eyes of the court: Most people still see the motorcycle driver as a reckless thug. Sure the image is changing, but in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, which are considered conservative, mention motorcycle accident and the driver has one strike against him. So what do you do? Not much. Just be aware that your image by the jury pool is a consideration in settlement discussions. Most lawyers won’t tell you this but its a fact you should know.

Contacting a Lawyer

Our attorneys provide free consultations to answer your questions and explain your legal options. There is no obligation or fee. If hired, we work with top investigators, medical experts, and accident reconstruction professionals to make the best case and get you the compensation you deserve.

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